In what is quite possibly the most stupid, unreality-based editorial found in any newspaper in North America, Europe, or Australia in the past month (even allowing for the CBC’s left-wing image editorialist/reporters like the pompous ass Neil MacDonald), the far-left Toronto Star dropped trou, yesterday (reminiscent of Liberal Bare-Ass Bob Rae, pictured left in my screen shot from the liberals’ fantastic CBC!) and revealed ugly naked journalistic idiocy, and its inherent, and now blithe effort at promulgating anti-Harper, anti-Conservative bias.  With its editorial page headline and illogical mental masturbation rooted in pure, amateurish, recklessly speculative, political deception, the Toronto Star reached a new low in journalism. 

Let’s watch as the Toronto Star shows its lying side!

Either the Toronto Star has given up all pretense and is trying to be a ridiculous troll in the journalistic and political landscape in this country with this kind of Daily Kos/Entertainment Tonight journalism;  or they’re truly stupid.  But to conclude, as they did, that “Harper’s Conservatives appear to be pushing social conservative hot buttons these days. It is hard not to see the yanking of the gay pride grant in this context,” and conflate that with “anti-gay”, betrays the Toronto Star’s profound misunderstanding of conservatives, and therefore of politics generally.  The alternative is that they’re literally trying to mislead you.  Deceive you.  Lie to you. 

Intellectually honest Canadians —which so many on the left and far-left like the Toronto Star are not, all know that conservatives aren’t “anti-gay” — they’re sensibly anti gay-marriage (and that’s based largely on what I call the scientifically-proven “theory” of that whole “penis/vagina” thing, and their value of the traditional Canadian family).  And conservatives are not “anti-gay” for choosing not to spend taxpayer cash on a self-obsessed gay “pride” parade, they’re anti idiocy.  Here, the big-C Conservatives got it right for once.

But good job, Toronto Star.  No other media in Canada even bother to criticize them for publishing blatant lies like this, any more.  Luckily even their own readers now often disagree with them and refuse to be dragged down.  Not only their own online poll (blogged Monday) shows readers are onside (67% against funding the idiotic “pride” parade) with what the Star referred to yesterday (as personally as possible without also including middle name Joseph) as the “Stephen Harper Government”, in their blatantly biased “news” article, but a plethora of their own readers’ comments to yesterday’s idiotic editorial also betrayed them.


Readers — Canadians generally — should dump, and dump on and all over news media like this. It’s not news: it’s left-wing political propaganda.  It’s agenda-driven news.  And that would be fine on its own as long as they admit their bias —but this is just lies.  You can’t trust a news media with this sort of an agenda. 

And we also have the CBC.

Joel Johannesen
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