Toronto Star now an extreme ultra right paper?

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The Article

No.  Just kidding.  But a hat tip to “conservativegal” for the fun waker-upper this morning.

Not that we suddenly start caring what the far left Toronto Star has to say, but since so many of their readers and a columnist have such a big crush on me (note however that they aren’t part of any “hatred front” against me and my web site!), I thought I’d make sure they all read the column today in their li’l bible by David Haskell—a guest columnist for them who won’t likely find a permanent job there.  Mr. Haskell and his columns are of course welcome here anytime.

Stephen Harper just can’t quit his inner-Evangelical

Stephen Harper, our newest Prime Minister, is an evangelical Christian. Over the course of the election campaign, certain media outlets, Liberal Party supporters, and members of Canada’s intelligentsia have suggested that that makes him different from the rest of us … us being “average Canadians.”

Let me make this perfectly clear (I stole that line from Paul Martin), Harper’s faith does make him different, but not in the ways his detractors are suggesting.

As an evangelical, Harper is a strong supporter of traditional marriage but that hardly put him at odds with “average Canadians;” if anything it lumps him in with the majority. Consider this: a poll conduct last year for CBC News found that more than half of Canadians, 52 per cent, said they disagreed with the Liberal government’s plan to change the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.

As an evangelical Harper probably supports some restrictions on abortion (I say probably, because he has never said so himself).

But again, this doesn’t set him against most Canadians, it aligns him with them.

A 2004 Environics poll showed that more than two-thirds of the population wants greater restrictions on abortion. In fact, some experts feel that percentage would increase if more Canadians knew that we have no abortion legislation and as such a pregnancy can be terminated up to its final month.

[…] While the values stemming from Harper’s evangelical faith may seem extreme relative to the values held by national media personnel, Liberal Party insiders and those in ivory towers; relative to the values held by a majority of Canadians they appear pretty mainstream.

Read the whole thing (takes one minute). 

I’ll keep you posted if any other such intelligent writing pops up from the Toronto Star.  Do not hold your breath at this time.

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