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The Article

Paul Martin, Kim Campbell, Joe Clark, and John Turner:  Canada’s very own liberal loser lobby league.  That’s what I’d call them in this context.  But the National Post calls them “four ex-PMs”.  They’re loosely correct inasmuch as they each held that title… for at least one week each—some not much more than one week. 

To color their story, National Post uses a picture which inexplicably but ironically includes auto parts builder Belinda Stronach —also a former (or is that Former?) “Conservative”— instead of Joe Clark.

The National Post is nothing if not funny at times, what with their being totally ensconced in and bowled over by The Great Obama even while trying to look mature and intellectual about it; and their fawning over his every vacuous word and bare-chest-revealing image.

But this “news” article is quite a load:  In their transparent effort to try to help liberals get Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his administration to toe the Obama “stimulus package” and simultaneously his “man-made global warning” line, they give aid and support—in the form of pretend “news”—to this group who are collectively (because collectively is what liberals do) calling on our Prime Minister to follow their—and their leader Barack Obama’s—lead. 

Four former prime ministers are urging the Harper government to follow Barack Obama’s lead and use a “green stimulus” to help jump-start the economy.

And that term “green stimulus”.  My my.  These specious propaganda terms designed to sell agendas.  This reminds me of the title that the liberal-left media bestowed upon Liberal “leader” Stephane Dion (for his benefit, and moreover for our edification as voters) when he started his own run (at being a total loser): he was dubbed “The Green Guru”

But title-wise, this cabal of “prime ministers” are more able to evoke laughter and smirks than the serious consideration they expect to their adorable little signed petition to get our current and already successful PM to follow their lead.  Actually, I changed my mind.  They’re less able to deliver as “plain folks” than I am, since I really doubt any of them have the foggiest clue about the price of gas, and at least one of them has no clue what it costs to fill up his yacht with fuel. 

They’re all liberals, make no mistake —even if the National Post did, calling both Joe Clark and Kim Campbell “Former” (with a capital F) “Conservative” leaders.

“It is time to vault Canada into the green economy,” says a statement signed by Former Conservative leaders Joe Clark and Kim Campbell, and Liberals Paul Martin and John Turner to be released Wednesday. “Green stimulus creates jobs and will jump-start Canada’s role in the new global economy.”

These people, the National Post would have us believe, are people the Prime Minister of Canada and the entire nation should follow. 

Or would the National Post have us believe they are simply “reporting the news”?


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