The Calgary Sun’s Paul Jackson seems to be in my camp

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The Article

The Calgary Sun’s Paul Jackson seems to be in my camp regarding, well, most everything.  In fact I could almost use his latest column as a roundup of many of my columns over the past few months.

[Read whole column]

The CRTC—like the CBC and the Supreme Court of Canada, appears to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Liberal Party of Canada. A patronage trough for backroom Liberals.

Maclean’s, too, appears to be in the same league, and if you ask why, in that case, I have a three-year subscription, my answer is the old one: Know your enemy.

Maclean’s isn’t quite as all-out partisan as the Toronto Star, but the pap and propaganda it churns out often makes it appear like a Liberal house organ.

The reasons Fox News’ attempts to be picked up in Canada have been sabotaged is because its commentators talk about “values” and governmental responsibility to act wisely in areas including the economy, spending, taxing, making the justice system work for the innocent not as a loophole for the guilty, keeping the country militarily safe, and ridding it of the pornography and violence on TV screens and being spewed out from Hollywood.

Once prominent and articulate individuals with vast audiences start talking about “values” the Lib-Lefters start to worry that their sham world may be in danger of collapse. That’s particularly so in our own country, where the past Liberal prime ministers, Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien and now Paul Martin, eroded “values” in the very areas Fox News zeroes in on.

If Fox News makes Canadians think about “values,” the entire Lib-Left structure of our nation will collapse.

Hence, allowing Fox News to beam its common-sense philosophies into our nation has to be halted, or, delayed as long as possible.

Martin and his Lib-Left crew would much prefer us to get our daily intake of political commentary from those they can trust not to rock the boat: The CBC’s Peter Mansbridge and his compliant staffers or CBS’s Dan Rather.

I’ve said many of those exact words in my columns.  And of course therefore Paul Jackson is obviously brilliant.  Thank you.

Joel Johannesen
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