Gay Pride: the alphabet ends with B

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The Article

It’s “Gay Pride,” um, half-a-year again! Seems like just a half-a-year ago it was Gay Pride half-a-year! Which it was!

And while the Gay Pride thing started as a special day set aside to celebrate or recognize, the expanded Gay Pride Month — ostensibly June — now starts in early May and extends all summer long. Actually, it is preceded, on March 31 each year, by “International Transgender Day of Visibility.” (This is when woke nutter politicians like NDP premier of BC, Dave Eby, and other woke cult members and general dumb-dumbs tweet all their solemn “Trans women are women!” pledges to the woke gods. In this “trans” instance, Follow The Science™ is defenestrated as a god and also, “science is NEVER settled!!&^%$!!” — do try to keep up.)

If you don’t agree, you’re a “hateful voice.” Thanks, Premier Moderate W. United!

Then in October, we now also have “LBGTQ History Month.” (Seriously.) So it’s now many months long — at least a half a year by my calculation. But if you think they’re done, well, just wait another ten minutes (and vote “progressive!”).

I really question how much more of an all-out embrace of gay people by the weary population is possible at this point. The LGBs run the risk of buyer fatigue, which can lead to a backlash. Gay people are more “accepted” and “embraced” and “welcomed” and “respected” — and hired — in society today than, say, straight white men, or Christians, or Trump supporters. (Wear a MAGA hat to a school or mall — or to your job — and tell me I’m wrong.)

Moreover, though, it has become uber-politicized, and subsumed as a political device by the woke, progressive left. And it has evolved into a now months-long liturgical movement like so much of the woke left’s ideologies. It has become both a political and ideological or religious contrivance.

I don’t think “Gay Pride Month” (or half-a-year) is even really so much about “gay pride” anymore. There is some of it remaining but I think it’s largely amongst those who haven’t yet realized they’re mostly pawns in a political or religious movement.

I think it’s mostly come to be a political statement. A left-wing, progressive, woke political statement. Well, political or religious. The movement has many elements of a religion. Maybe it’s a combo.

And whichever it is, or if it’s both, it’s getting more and more radical.

Kind of like how the Day turned into a Month and then the half-a-year, there is any number of jokes about the alphabet soup that the, um, hmm, non-heterosexual set has devised as a moniker or acronym. That community started out as simply “homosexuals,” which was a perfectly acceptable scientific term until it wasn’t.  Then it became “gay” and quickly “gay and lesbian,” for some reason. Then they added bisexuals and it became an acronym: “LGB.” Or in normal parlance, “the LGB Community.” That lasted for ten minutes.

I don’t have to tell you it’s now gotten hilarious and stupid. LGBTQQIA+2SL — and sometimes many more letters and symbols are added seemingly for laughs (but alas they’re dead serious). Thus the jokes. Rightly earned. Because it’s hideous.

I’ve never taken a survey about this or even read any, but as a stable genius, I suggest that the vast majority of people don’t have any problem with the LGB — at least they haven’t for some time. Decades even, in many cases. I submit it starts with the T. And I’ve got anecdotal evidence that this is true even among the LGBs, ie., the LBGs are not necessarily on board with the T (or the rest of the alphabet) being in their alphabet soup.

Here’s my thinking on that, and maybe that of other stable geniuses too. “Gay pride” was always about being who you are and being proud of it — instead of living “in the closet,” as we used to say. If you’re gay, you were born that way; own it, be proud, and be yourself, is how the notion goes. As long as it isn’t shoved down people’s throats, society would come to accept it. And it worked! (Again — don’t allow that hand to be overplayed!)

But “transgender” people are about, well, not that. They are literally about being who they are not. They’re not “proud” of who they are — they are ashamed or angry at it and think God or nature or “the universe” did it wrong. They were born boys, or girls, and want to pretend (sorry, but pretend is the word here) to be something they are not, as in a boy “becoming” a girl, or a girl “becoming” — often simply by self-identity by also by cosmetic surgery — a boy.

And then the project is to encourage (force is the better word) the world to accept their choice and to openly acknowledge it and respect it via pronouns, and documents, etc. And damn well welcome the “transwomen” into your locker rooms, women. And on your sports teams. And celebrate them as “Women of the Year.”

(And tangentially, most sane people and scientists who aren’t in the woke cult understand that there are males, and there are females, and there are no other sexes. Thank you.)

I would also submit to the jury that with the advent of men (“transwomen” — and I couldn’t find air quotes big enough) literally now taking over and erasing women; and women’s sports; and these insidious “drag queen storytimes” for children in schools, churches, and public libraries, wherein weird men dressed as hyper-sexualized weird women “read to children” for some weird, sexually perverse reason; and with Target and Bud Light ramming it down people’s throats; and with the discovery that schools and others we trusted were found to be exposing elementary-school-age kids to pornographic gay and transgender books in which it is graphically explained how a little boy can perform a blowjob on another little boy, or how a boy who thinks he’s a girl can hide his penis (before chopping it off), or a girl can hide (“bind”) her breasts, and sexualizing them with gender pronouns and hiding from parents the child’s gender dysphoria, and ensuring they secretly begin hormone therapy; and in other ways: well, people have had enough, FFS.

And this is almost entirely about the T, and the other letters following it.

I can see where the normal LGBs would not take kindly to that ethos. It kinda wrecks their rather more sensible narrative. Wrecks their movement.

But when the LGB as well as the TQQRS2+xyz is everywhere we go — on the TV there are at least two gay people in every single show to the extent you’d think 75% of America was gay; where we go for recreation and relaxation, to shop, to do business, get our healthcare, watch sports… and some of that is all year round; but certainly as it is turned up to level 13 for half a year officially, I see pushback against the whole alphabet.

Bonus update (June 1 2023):

Extra Bonus (June 1 2023):

I could go on all day.

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