Canada has been replaced. It’s now TransQueerland?

A long-time Ottawa resident (coincidentally wearing a “Save Canada” ballcap) strolls down Wellington Street in Ottawa, and as he passes the official Office of the Prime Minister and Privy Council Office — the very seat of power in Canada — he notices there is no Canadian flags flying there — as any sentient human would expect there to be.

Instead, there are two “trans” or “pride” or “queer” flags (I’m not sure what it’s called now — I’m just picking from the buffet offered by the “LGBTQ…” alphabet soup) flying in their place.

No Canadian flag at all. No national flag — unless they mean to imply they’ve tossed the Canadian flag and replaced it with the one they prefer… meaning the new national flag of Canada is to be seen as being the flag of the trans/gay/queer folx of Canada.

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I suffer from no delusions. There is no “conspiracy theory” in my head nor any illusions of a “takeover” of Canada (I’m trying to preempt the idiots and haters, here). I do think a woke cult — a mind virus — has taken over the “progressives” of Canada, though. This is ample evidence of that.

Flying a national flag — particularly AT THE SEAT OF POWER — is not a trivial matter. To demonstrate the reality of the seriousness and importance of a flag placed at the seat of power in any nation, the very first thing an occupying power — say, the NAZIs — does once a takeover is accomplished, is to replace the flag with its own. They banish the old flag to oblivion. If or as soon as the occupied nation regains its control, the old flag is immediately raised again.

This symbolism of who is in power is manifest. And it should be taken seriously, by a serious people.

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