The usually loquacious Maxime Bernier has no answer for me on his anti-gun-control bromides

I get at least three or four emails per week from Maxime Bernier asking for my money and support (each time addressing me as “Joel” and signing off as “Max” as if he’s my pal and I’m his). I signed up to be on his mailing list. Getting these emails is not, itself, my point.

You can’t go a day on Twitter without seeing many of his tweets, touting his policy goals and ambitions were he to win federal government power. I assume it’s the same on Facebook and Instagram. He’s loquacious.

But ask him one simple and valuable policy-related question after he tweets something and… crickets. Except to ask me for money again in another mass email.

A few other Tweeps chimed in to reply to my comment, but not “Max!”

Others asked good questions as well. Like this one: “Will you fight for the right to possess a weapon expressly for self-defence?” Lots of other people pointed out that there are no explicit “gun rights” in Canada. They’re right. (And they get it!) Lots of people retweeted the original tweet — all of his supporters I suppose, and gun rights advocates. Lots liked it. But there is no answers provided to anyone.

I wasn’t being confrontational. I was essentially agreeing with him. But I wanted to offer him a chance to extol the virtues of his philosophy on gun control (or more accurately his good plan to eliminate the draconian Trudeau/Liberal gun control laws and executive dictates). If he were to win the prime ministership, he’d have to answer a million questions before passing a bill to quash all the nonsense dictates and legislation that has been put in place through the past seven years. And he’d have to have solid answers.

Conservatives have experience with leaders who were great with the trite banalities and bromides before being elected, but when we got them over the finish line at great expense to us, they fell flat on their faces when asked the simplest of questions. That needs to stop.

It’s an important time for licensed gun owners and for people who respect freedom in this country. We need to work fast, work hard, and develop good answers to hard questions — questions which if I’m asking them, you can be absolutely sure the liberals, leftists, and media (but I repeat myself, yadda) are going to ask him over, and over, and over again. The people in the news media aren’t inherently smarter than right-wing party leaders, or even particularly smart in many cases! If you can’t answer their questions, that’s saying something. And if you can’t even take friendly fire from the likes of me — well then God help you.

And to the politicians: if you want my money (and man oh man, they won’t leave me alone), start by answering my damn questions. That goes for Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre and anyone else who wants my money (there are a lot of you). If I ask you a good question in reply to your policy or fund-raising outreach, answer my damn question. It should take all of about thirteen seconds and on Twitter, it could serve to further expose your (hopefully) great answer, and maybe even your awesome thought process and the strength of your policy all the more. Of course if you don’t have answers… well that’s the problem I’m concerned about.

Answering my questions is now a condition of sale for me.

Here’s the video he attached to his bromide tweet. Aside from it being fairly difficult for me to understand his, uh, Frenchlish?, he’s once again saying lots of the right things, as he almost always does. Alas, it does not address the root of the matter. Rights. Thus my question.

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