The now-cringeworthy, ever-more embarrassing state of “progressive” in Canada and the West

The NDP convention last weekend was one of the most ridiculous displays I’ve ever seen in political Canada. Conventions can bring out the weirdos in any party, but this one hit new depths. (Here’s a Twitter/X thread I made on the weekend)

It was embarrassing for them on several occasions and on multiple levels, and it even embarrassed me for them at times (sometimes they aren’t embarrassed when they should be!).

But I’m absolutely sure there must have been at least one or two progressive/socialist participants who cringed hard — real hard — when they had to sit or stand through this utter woke bullshit-a-palooza… and realized other people outside their woke-ass bubble might be watching…

Click to watch this nonsense, which is exemplary of
today’s “progressive” woke nutteryutter woke bullshit-a-palooza


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