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The Article

As regular PTBC readers know, I was the victim of a personal attack last week by a petulant, immature poster who “photo shopped” me rather badly – for reasons I will never know.

I just want to express my thanks to Joel for removing the offending picture as soon as he saw it, and then for posting an apology – Joel’s words in that post meant a lot to me – coming from a great Canadian who has the best site on the web – hands down. Yesterday, Joel tracked down the link to the offending picture and had it removed from the site where it was originally uploaded.

I also want to say a big thank you to all of the regulars who offered their kind words of support in the above-mentioned post.  I have been a member of PTBC since December 2005 and in doing my daily postings, I have discovered a group of people from across Canada, the USA and around the world – proud conservatives who I am privileged to consider friends. We all are united together to promote conservative ideals and to expose the hypocrisy of liberals. 

The doctored picture of me proved what tiny, vindictive little minds liberal-types work with and that they cannot or will not participate in an open, honest debate with people who do not share their viewpoints.  Instead, they have to resort to immature,” high school” doctoring of pictures to get their point across.  I could have responded with angry words, but that would take me to this person’s level and that just ain’t my style.

As our friend “Angry” Bill Graham said yesterday – “Therefore, I consider that matter closed.”

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