Teachers labor union needs acting lesson to help make their far-left-wing politics more subtle

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Failed to adequately bury the fact that they are little more than yet another far-left political party by yet another name, yet again funded by taxpayers.  But like their own students, they really don’t care what you think anymore.  It’s not about what you think, even if you do pay them, and own their workplaces, and are the parents of the kids they teach.  Failure means nothing as long as they “feel good about themselves.”  And baby, they don’t just feel good about themselves, now they are teaching your kids to actually feel themselves!  Mostly though, the teachers feel good about their vast multi-billion-dollar far-left political union which helps them work less and get paid more and advance their far-left-wing progressive agenda.

The teachers, also known, using the Coulterism, as the clerics of the Church of Liberalism, are those hard-core left-wing union members whom, along with the CAW and CUPE and other unions, pretty much own the you’ve got to be kidding party of Jack Layton and its provincial secretariats, whom we pay handsomely to teach our kids for nine months per year, and apparently to also thoroughly indoctrinate them with left-wing, secular-progressive (and now: masturbatory, and homo-centric!) propaganda.  They score an A on that latter bit.  (They do care about that.)

Here are some of the key issues that teachers in Canada’s west coast are now forcing on the people who pay them (that’d be us, suckas), as they enter into another round of militant (almost literally) bargaining.  This, according to the Sun today:

• Insist that pension funds are invested ethically, avoiding companies that manufacture arms or tobacco, violate human rights or cause environmental damage.

• Lobby governments to maintain a moratorium on offshore oil exploration and drilling.

• Press Ottawa to provide basic supports in a timely manner to all Canadians who experience difficulties outside the country.

This is what you call the ABC’s of the progressive left teachers of today.  Controlling offshore oil drilling.  Foreign affairs.  Government investment decisions being acceptable to their left-wing world view.  Masturbation.  Homosexuality.  “Ethics”, by golly.  This won’t come as a surprise to those of you still struggling with your spelling and grammar, and I know there are lots of you who use they’re and there and their all wrong, and put an ill-placed apostrophe before random s’s in random words as if to warn us there’s an S coming up!,  and use your and you’re wrong, and don’t know how to write right, or use its or it’s, nor how to, you know, like, speak?  Like without asking a question every time?  And you know like how they “go” like , “I’m like so over that!” and then they’re all like “like save the whales dude”?


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