Suzuki institute for anti-corporate propaganda tells one story, history tells another.

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The Article

Notice I didn’t actually call Suzuki and his propagandists liars?  I’m wily.  Almost as wily as the National Post, which also didn’t. 

Half way through this news article yesterday about the big environmental conference about Kyoto held in Bonn,  we find this statement from what I laughingly call the propaganda institute for the environmental industry and its subsidiary environmentalist science scare religion and multi-gazzillion-dollar far-leftists anti-corporate global warming freakout society, headed by David Suzuki, the environmental genius who has a degree in ZOOLOGY and who, naturally, hosts a state-run CBC show:

Dale Marshall, a climate change policy analyst for the David Suzuki Foundation, said Canada is the only country that has said publicly it will not meet its Kyoto targets and is the only country to reject the system of emissions trading that allows countries to buy credits if they cannot cut their own pollution levels.

So we’re led to believe that Canada has no support.  No backing.  We’re outcasts.  Alone.  Everybody hates us.  We’re on the wrong track, dumb Conservatives, vote Green.  Or Marxist.  Yadda.

But of course the National Post news article doesn’t call him or them liars either.  Possibly they’re canoe mates on Lake Obfuscation. 

Ottawa’s Kyoto plan wins backers in Bonn 

John Ivison, National Post
Published: Tuesday, May 30, 2006

OTTAWA – Conclusions by a top-level gathering on Kyoto indicate Canada has much greater backing for its stand on the climate-change accord than reported, with wide support for Ottawa’s refusal to set new emissions targets until current pollution-reduction efforts have been assessed.

Ottawa won the unanimous support of developed countries at the conference in Bonn, Germany, for its reluctance to set new targets for the post-2012 period. It also received backing from several countries in arguing there should be no new commitments for countries like Canada until major polluters such as China and India sign up for their own targets.

Rona Ambrose, the Environment Minister, said yesterday the international support is a sign Canada is playing a leadership role on Kyoto, rather than trying to sabotage it, as critics contend.

Ms. Ambrose, who chaired the conference, said there was widespread support for a two-year assessment period.

[…] A summary of conclusions prepared for the Canadian government argues that results of the Bonn gathering are positive for Canada because they give the Harper government the flexibility needed to move on its “made in Canada” plan—which remains a work-in-progress but will be heavily reliant on investments in new technology.

The Canadian delegation was also pleased that other delegations agreed to take notice of processes that involve countries outside Kyoto, such as the Asia-Pacific Partnership, which includes the United States, China and Australia. […]

I’m afraid that the bigger news story here is the amount of lying and deception from the liberal-leftists that is going on about the ridiculous Kyoto Accord and climate change in general.  It’s the story the media (either willingly or ignorantly—neither of which is a happy thing) is completely ignoring. 

And that would make them agenda-driven.

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