State-run CBC: So vital, and yet so not watched

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CBC is so vital and important, we’re told, and yet it needs to vigorously advertise to compete for viewers
If it’s so crucially necessary for the people, then why do they have to advertise at all whatsoever?  Surely the people know about it and totally rely on it already.  It’s so necessary, you see.




Surely if it’s so obviously “required” for Canadians to have the state-run media and its state news channel to the extent that over one BILLION dollars is required of taxpayers all over Canada every year to prop it up, and it is such an “essential” service for Canadians that the state has for decades had to be in the business of “informing” Canadians with their spin on “news” and state “information” and official state “opinions” and official state “entertainment” for us otherwise improperly entertained folks, then folks would have somehow glommed onto it already— on their own—even without the government’s benevolent advertising and informational help.  You’d think.

Even the Eskimos could communicate things before the benevolent government’s sacred CBC, and as I understand it, unlike us modern “invader” Canadians with the help of state-run and regulated media, they even developed a “culture” on their own.  Man!  They were highly developed!  Even after decades of CBC and government regulations, we stupid invaders still can’t!

And if as one of the few, you do tune in to Canada’s state-run news media (which, again, you will find that you need to do because it’s so damn essential), in what way is it different than the multiple brands of private sector news?  It’s being broadcast on the same cable feeds or satellite beams as the private sector news channels.  They’re reporting on the same things.  They all even have that same liberal-left spin on everything.  Yes, they all have a like-minded hatred toward President Bush and to one degree or another, America in general, because they’re all similarly liberals reading and writing the copy, and liberals who own and run the networks.  They all hate conservatives and promote liberals and liberal-left ideologies fairly equally.  They all subscribe to every word uttered by any leftist on any matter, and ensure that liberal and sundry leftists have their say on every matter, and conservatives are quashed at every turn.  So there’s little difference.  (Fox News Channel is a rare exception, and by no shear coincidence, is where the phrase “the spin stops here” came from before being stolen from Bill O’Reilly’s “O’Reilly Factor” by the state-run CBC).

Perhaps the biggest difference is that by Canadian law, not unlike laws in Iran or North Korea, the state-run media must be carried on the cable and satellite distributors’ services (again for emphasis, by Canadian law, the state-run CBC MUST be made available by them), so that you will get it no matter what you think, unlike other optional private-sector channels. Therefore, if you’re a liberal, all that advertising is an especially smart use of taxpayer funds!  You silly conservatives can try simply standing on your heads to make sense of that little gem of liberal wisdom.

Which all might make you wonder just where exactly that spin stops.  Why does the state-run media need to advertise its so-called “news” channel and politics “news” show, and in such an expensive manner—by buying huge oft-repeated one-third-page ads on page A-3 of the most expensive newspapers in all the land, with your tax dollars and mine?  Isn’t this all rather redundant and wasteful?  Couldn’t tons of taxpayer cash be saved here (and not spent elsewhere)?

A conservative might think so, and might feel compelled to ask the Auditor-General to round-up some possible explanations as to why the state has paid so many countless millions of taxpayer dollars to the private sector to advertise what is an “essential service” that is, by law, already made available to all Canadians anyway, and which competes against several almost identical services offered by the private sector already.  And whether this isn’t stupidity piled upon previously hatched stupidity, or trying to spin a top faster than it is already spinning.  Do they simply have buckets of extra cash?  Apparently so.

Quite apart from that stupidity, clearly the state and its state-run media is competing against its own citizens and their citizen-owned enterprises, for attention and revenues and for whatever other questionable reasons.  What kind of government competes against its own citizens?  Not conservative governments.  Not free-market governments.  So there’s that, too.  Hope you conservatives are still on your heads.

The state-run media gets over one BILLION dollars of taxpayer cash PER YEAR and has gotten that taxpayer cash for decades, for pretty much no good reason except to ensure the spread of liberal-left propaganda and liberal-left social engineering, to marginalize conservatives, and to keep a bunch of obviously leftist and often Marxist union workers and “artists” and liberal-left suckups on the public dole.  And nobody has been able—in over a decade of debating this point with me—to get even close to convincing me that the state-run media is even remotely defensible on any level, in this country.  Never was, isn’t now, and never will be.  In fact I would say that I’ve rarely enjoyed such hearty laughter as when someone engages me in a debate over the “need” for state-run media in Canada.  The spin really starts right there, and it just doesn’t stop.  This spin is actually another federal publicly-funded law, apparently.

Few watch the state-run media here—less than 6 percent of the population as I understand it.  Which is a good thing.  I’ve always said that the state-run CBC possesses a unique quality in that it actually makes you get dumber with every second that you watch or listen.  So it’s a good thing so few watch it.  We all know how important the “early learning” is to the liberal-left, so I’m sure they would agree in their heart of hearts that it’s best that few Canadians watch the state-run media.

But as I’ve pointed out dozens of times with my repeated posting of the latest Canadian TV ratings charts, rarely if ever is there a CBC show in the top twenty or even 30 or more shows in any week, and when there is one, it’s a hockey game broadcast—not the state’s “news” or CBC-created wonderment of official state “entertainment”. Even the tendentious politically-motivated official state entertainment show called “Little Mosque on the Prairie” (an agenda-driven rip-off of the Americans’ more noble and earnest and honest “Little House on the Prairie”), which they’ve spend countless tens or hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to promote in other newspaper ads and on huge billboards across the nation, fails to crack the top-twenty.  Manifestly, that’s because the show sucks wind.  But of course that seems to be a “plus” for the CBC-luvin’ set.

But how embarrassing for them at the CBC—their PR department trying to seriously compare their state-employed state “news” informer, Don Newman, to Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly.  I mean especially since they so hate Fox News Channel with all its tolerance for conservatives and God and it being all pro-America and all!  Do they honestly believe “the spin stops there” at the CBC—honestly?  Or is this “satire”?  By stealing from Fox News Channel their Bill O’Reilly’s signature sign-off, (“the spin stops here”), they simply give further proof that aside from spinning, they are a failed entity; redundant, useless, un-educating, an embarrassment for our nation, and in total, a waste of taxpayer cash.  And that it still exists today—truly makes my head spin.

Let me once again remind readers as I always try to do, that state-owned or state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution once and for all.


Joel Johannesen
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