Oh my goodness—the state-run media has unwittingly turned into the Komedy channel.  Or is it The Hideous channel.  Or is it the We’ve Just Jumped the Freaking Shark channel?



The “spin stops”… um… WHERE?  At the liberal-left propaganda mill, the state-run CBC?  Oh please—do stop the spin, CBC —my sides are already aching enough and my head a-spinning from simply monitoring the “news” presentations of the day on the state-run media, which I do only as a patriotic duty to protect my fellow citizens from the liberal-left bias that is presented there daily. 

In actual fact, as we in the sensible set already know, the spin STARTS there, continues there all day long, and never stops. 

But moreover, over one BILLION dollars per year of taxpayer funding, for decades, apparently hasn’t been enough for the state-run CBC’s state-employed creative geniuses to come up with anything that’s actually creative and original

You all thought ripping off the name “Little House on the Prairie” and replacing it with their “Little Mosque on the Prairie” as a rip-off for their self-serving agenda-driven liberal-left propaganda and appeasement purposes was bad enough?  No!  They weren’t done yet!  They are now resigned to stealing Bill O’Reilly’s famous motto “The Spin Stops Here” which he’s been using for ten years on his Fox News Channel (the number one cable news channel in North America) O’Reilly Factor program (the most-watched cable news program in North America).   

And they’re not even embarrassed by this.  Liberals are never embarrassed.  The arrogance abounds at the CBC in quantities that are simply indescribable.  No let me start that again: the arrogance at the CBC is matched only by other liberals in general. 

Canada’s state-run media, the CBC and its “Newsworld” state-run news division, bought this huge half-page multi-gazillion-dollar ad today in the Vancouver Sun and doubtlessly dozens or hundreds of other newspapers in Canada, using my tax dollars and yours… in order to compete against Canadian citizen-owned channels and their news shows. 

What kind of government competes against its own citizens?  I ask, you decide!  (Snarf!)

And, apparently they have now officially (though sheepishly because they’re jamtarts) acknowledged that Fox News Channel is starting to take a bite out of their already hideously poor ratings, despite the CBC being shoved down our throats by government broadcasting laws and decrees. 

Notwithstanding the hideousness of copying their prime nemesis, the hated (by them) Fox News Channel (hated, owing to FNC’s fair and balanced news and the fact that they allow conservatives to say things, and the fact that they don’t hate America), the very idea of trying to compare state-employed “news” and “information” promulgator Don Newman or anything whatsoever on the CBC to Fox News Channel or its Bill O’Reilly (best-selling author and the most popular news analyst and commentator in all of television), should really be seen as the joke of the year but no, they’re serious.  They’re actually serious. 

For those of you who wisely don’t watch CBC and it’s various channels of left wing “news” and “information” and its state “entertainment” shows through its various propaganda divisions (and that’s at least 94 percent of you), the state-run CBC actually makes you dumber for each second that you watch it.  Therefore I highly recommend you don’t watch it.  Similarly, smoking and trans fats are bad for you (yet the state wants to ban those things). 

But at least this is another good opportunity to remind readers that obviously, state-owned media should clearly be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our Constitution once and for all.  I mean to save us all from the embarrassment if nothing else.

P.S. Buy Bill O’Reilly’s latest book too —it’s excellent—and it’s been on the New York Times’ Best Seller List for at least five months now, though you’d NEVER know that if all you watched was the state-run CBC.

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