…because as I keep telling you, so much about liberalism revolves around the orgasm.

I’ve previously reported on the state-run CBC’s obsession with sex, lewdness, promiscuity, and of course their more general promotion of gay “marriage” and the gay lifestyle as healthy modern Canadian values in their world view. 

Previous blog entries – (some a tad surprising):
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Now they appear to be set to expose all there is to expose about sex from a feminist woman’s perspective.  Apparently a sex-starved horny woman’s perspective.  Because that’s the kind of information that we’re lacking from those darn private stations these days.  Yes, folks, that’s what the state deems important for Canadians to be taught. This is why we need to spend in excess of one BILLION dollars per year of taxpayer cash on the state-run media through which the state competes against its own citizens and their values; and against their own citizens and their citizen-owned TV stations and networks and web sites for attention, for viewers, and for profits. (What kind of government does a thing like that?  You really should think about the answer.) 

But hey: It’s a documentary!  So it’s important!  It makes you “think”… about sex and orgasms!  And in the way that they want you to!  And it’s the state-run media so it must be right!  It’s the CBC!   

Here’s a blurb from “their” multi-gazillion-dollar web site about the latest sex series: 


Six-part series starting Wednesday August 15, 2007 at 10pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld

SEX, TRUTH AND VIDEOTAPE is a bracing, new, six-part documentary series about women and sexuality from acclaimed journalist and filmmaker Francine Pelletier.

Everywhere you look, women are flaunting, claiming and exhibiting their sexuality. In books, in documentaries, in movies, on television and in the work place, women as sexual conquerors are no longer an anomaly but the norm. Billed as the “second sexual revolution,” women today are taking over when it comes to sex. It is the most visible change in women”s [sic] lives in the last 50 years. In fact, nothing has changed quite as much, or as quickly, as attitudes towards women and sex. But how does the cultural explosion of female sexuality translate in the lives of women? What does it mean and how far does it really go?

In each hour-long episode, six women tell it like it is, reflecting on various aspects of sex, love and lust. Their stories are riveting, funny and exuberant and, at times, heartbreaking. These personal histories are consistently remarkable – frank, explicit, startling and, above all, human.

The women in SEX, TRUTH AND VIDEOTAPE reflect a wide diversity of ages, sexual preferences and experiences, and social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Men and women alike will be amazed at how candid these women are in sharing their most personal stories – pivotal moments in their lives, and their most intimate needs and desires.

Sex And Celebrity (Aug 15 – 10 pm ET/PT)
Famous Canadian women, including Mary Walsh, Susan Swan, Measha Bruggergosman, Sandra Shamus and Margie Gillis, discuss what sex has been like for them.

Sex And Beauty (Aug 22 – 10 p.m. ET/PT)
Is sex in a beautiful body better?

Sex And Matches (Aug 29 – 10 pm ET/PT)
Does being single, or with a partner, change the nature of sex? A discussion of the joys and pitfalls of being part of, or not part of, a couple.

Sex And Age (Sept 5 – 10 pm ET/PT)
Does sex get better for women as they get older? Women from both sides of the sexual revolution tackle the nitty gritty.

Sex And Libertines (Sept 12 – 10 pm ET/PT)
These days, more than “just some” like it hot. From younger male partners to erotic massage, many women are exploring new sexual frontiers.

Sex: The First Time (Sept 19 – 10 pm ET/PT)
From great to ho-hum to tragic, women talk about their “first time.” And their first orgasm.

SEX, TRUTH AND VIDEOTAPE is written and directed by Francine Pelletier; produced by Mary Armstrong and Monique Simard for Virage Productions, in collaboration with CBC Newsworld and Canal Vie.

Here are some still-captures from their TV ad running today on the state new media channel, “Newsworld” (because it’s news, good ‘n corrected for YOU and your needs!). 





Note on Mizzz Francine Pelletier:

Mizzz Francine Pelletier is a founder of the feminist journal La Vie en Rose.  She was Quebec City correspondent for Le Point, CBC’s French language network current affairs program, and a commentator for both CBC Newsworld and the PBS program, The Editors. In March 1995, she became a correspondent for CBC’s National Magazine then joined CBC’s flagship current affairs program the fifth estate, which she co-hosted for five years.

Vote liberal.


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