Some Tweetpoo – Wednesday Dec 8 2021

Holy Twitter tweetpoo. I only briefly tuned into Twitter this evening, and quickly found the place full of poop. Here’s just a couple or three.

The New York Times pooped all over themselves this evening, apparently forgetting — or wishing you’d forget — that DEMOCRATS control the Senate. The vote was 52 to 48. No poop! (Except on the part of the poop-filled NYT.)

And then the wonderful world of academia — which is perhaps ironically, perhaps not — full of complete and utter idiots, dropped trou and pooped right on… Latin!, and of course sanity, because… woke. Which is a hard thing to do in one tweet, but that’s where we are. These people are full of shix.

Yeah we see you too. Poopheads.

This evening in a piece of hypocrisy poop, we have two tweets captured by Matt Walsh (of Daily Wire fame), by the folks at @GLAAD, which is a pro-hypocrisy group if I understand correctly.

And by the way, I endorse Matt Walsh’s book, which quickly became a best-seller (and may even be sold out temporarily). Here’s a link.

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