Socialized Medicine in Actual Fact: British Columbia Has a 90,000-Person Surgery Wait List

The story is making almost zero news, because of course it is. I searched and found only one small news outlet, radio station News 1130 (Rogers-owned) covering this story. No newspaper stories, no CTV stories, no state-owned CBC stories, no Globe and Mail or National Post stories. Well done, liberal news media. Well done.

The province of British Columbia, Canada, has a population of less than five million. It is governed by a left-wing New Democratic Party government of Premier John Horgan. More and more money is poured into the socialized government-run monopoly healthcare system every year. Every year, it seems, it gets worse.

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — More than 90,000 people are waiting for surgery in B.C., and growing waitlists prompted a medical society to send a letter to every MLA in the province.

The BC Anesthesiologists Society (BCAS) sent the letter on Sept. 9 pointing out the current number of patients waiting for surgery. As of August, the number was 91,150, jumping from 90,801 the month before.

The BCAS Chief Executive Director Dr. Roland Orflay says the number of patients on surgical waitlists has reached a record-high and this is distressing for patients.

“They’re actually afraid of dying while they’re waiting for medically necessary surgery. Others are in pain. Others are facing the side effects of pain killers while they’re waiting for surgery. There are patients with cancer who are worried about the outcome of their cancer because of the time they have to wait for surgery,” says Orflay. …

People are immigrating to BC mostly from China, India, and the Philippines.

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