Sexually-Transmitted Diseases Running Rampant in Canada. Due to not some things.

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The Article

The stats on the huge spike in syphilis are horrendous. Some numbers from last year are ten times higher than the year before. That spells an outbreak.

Globe and Mail, July 18, 2019
Alberta’s decision to declare a provincewide outbreak of syphilis is the latest sign the sexually transmitted infection has reached near-record levels as it spreads across Canada.

Back in April, another story was posted at Globe and Mail but not mentioned in this story, concerning a nearly doubling of the rate of gonorrhea in New Brunswick. It said:

New Brunswick has declared a provincial gonorrhea outbreak, with a steep rise in cases being blamed in part on anonymous sexual encounters arranged through dating apps.

Public health authorities say 96 gonorrhea cases were reported last year, compared to the five-year average of 54 cases.

They make out like they’re trying to list every possible cause to explain this outbreak. But clearly they’re purposely not listing all the major possible causes.

A number of theories exist for why the infection has spread so rapidly, including risks to marginalized communities due to substance abuse highlighted by the continuing opioid crisis, the spread of smartphone apps that facilitate anonymous meetups and declining condom use among young Canadians.

Shockingly they did not name man-made global warming or Trump as causes, which I actually expect these days because the news media has become so unserious and agenda-driven, biased, tendentious, and untrustworthy.

But seriously, they also didn’t mention abortion. Or the utter dismissal of religion in society by academia and other influencers on the political left.

Moreover, when searching for causes, a good first step would be to identify causes, rather than list other symptoms of the problem. Reduction in condom use is not a cause, it’s a symptom of a greater problem. You have to drill down harder to find why condom use is down, anonymous casual sexual hookups through cell phone apps is up, and so on, otherwise you’re never going to figure this out. (Personally, the fact that “anonymous casual sexual hookups through cell phone apps” is even an actual thing blows my mind, and is itself worthy of a sound reckoning.)

Doesn’t it make sense that at least part of the reason anonymous casual sexual hookups through cell phone apps are up, and condom use is down, is because abortions are free and relatively easily accessible and (also) running rampant? Abortion estimates run at about 100,000 per year in Canada. That’s gonna be the cause of something, in addition to being the symptom of something. Not adding it to the list of causal theories is simply ignorant, or in fact rejection bias.

And moral decay has increased in exact lock-step with the smug and arrogant dismissal of God in our lives — much more so than many people would be prepared to admit. There’s more science behind that connection than there is between C02 levels and “man-made global warming,” but what do you hear about the most? The “man-made global warming” story tends to win out, here, I think. The crap news reporting and an academia which preaches left-wing dogma is an important part of the problem.

This whole story reads like Baghdad Bob as he reports no problems, even as the U.S. Army is taking up positions behind him. Rejection of evidence precisely because it challenges your beliefs is not science, it is fallacy. It is politics. And it is dangerous.

As long as one is guessing as to possible causes for a very serious health concern, it is intellectually and scientifically dishonest and an abrogation of responsibility to neglect the effect that easy access to abortion is having on the rise of casual sex and the fall of condom use; and the effects of the outright negation of and denial of Judeo-Christian traditions and ethics should not be underestimated. If you really want to have a serious conversation, I would start there.

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