Left-wing and gender-identity ideology and one single brave soul: “Yeah, I was totally wrong.”

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The Article

I started on this topic a couple of days ago when I posted about Lindsay Shepherd being banned from Twitter. You should read that. I’ll wait.

Then this morning I finally had time to catch up with the underlying story — which is really a huge, ugly story. It turned into a whole morning of further reading about a total garbage situation surrounding a person originally named Jonathan, now Jessica, Yaniv. What an ugly way to end an otherwise lovely week.

So if you want to ruin your weekend, below is a list of some of the things I read this morning, all concerning the same fascist ideology, and all stemming from my reading about this one person who now claims to be a woman. This person brought a BC human rights suit (ask Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant about this kangaroo court) against 14 women who all refused to give Yaniv a testicle hair-removal wax. They refused largely because, you see, they’re women, and this Yaniv person has got these testicles and a penis attached thereupon, which makes forcing them to do it, somehow, exceedingly and maybe even grotesquely weird, or worse. But Yaniv demands that women in the business of providing Brazilian waxes give [insert state-approved pronoun] one on the basis that [insert state-approved pronoun] is a woman. With a penis and testicles.

But really, it’s about more than that. It’s about the whole “trans” identity fascist garbage, and this one [insert state-approved pronoun]’s ugly history just helps guide us along its ugly path.

Much credit goes to The Post Millennial website for staying on top of this particular Yaniv story. And exactly no credit goes to the mainstream media, save for the National Post, which, alas, but unsurprisingly, refers to Yaniv as “her” and “she” throughout (“Accusations fly at human rights hearing into transgender woman’s Brazilian wax complaint”).

There’s much more that you can read if, as I did, you follow some of the links the above articles provide. What a mess.

I’m pretty amazed at how so many leftists (and liberals, progressives, et al) and particularly feminists have recently adopted this stance opposing what is clearly gender identity fascism, when it was conservatives who took up this mantle years ago. Who knew they’d see things our way, ever? I’m glad, just surprised. But they act as if they were always of this mind, and they are the vanguards, as if they were the ones warning the rest of society that it would come to this (case in point, an article at FeministCurrent.com entitled “Women warned you: Yaniv’s human rights case is the inevitable result of gender identity ideology”). They don’t acknowledge, as I am now, that we’re now on the same page (strictly on this issue, I assure). You see this throughout many of the writings about this by the radical feminists.

But on the upside, some the media suddenly think this gender identity fascism just might be worth looking into. Of course It’s not because they sense the conservatives were onto something — their rejection bias prohibited that — it’s only because it’s a bunch of feminists — members of their team — that have their panties in a twist, if I’m allowed to say that nowadays.

Personally I think they — the media, liberals, progressives, feminists — were all enablers, and now, seeing how damaging it is, they, like Alicia Hendley who wrote “I supported trans ideology until I couldn’t anymore,” see the error of their ways. At least Hendley honestly admits it.

Many conservatives warned that this sort of garbage would take place if liberals, progressives, the left in general, got their way, which they did, in, for example, passing Bill C-16. But it was not without the complacency and the outright aid of many “conservatives” who are actually liberals, progressives, or leftists. The facts of life apply here too, although I recognize the limitations in logical and biological comparison: Yaniv can’t be a woman just because Yanis calls “herself” one and changes Jonathan to Jessica; you can’t be a conservative just by saying you are.

Asserting a subjective belief about who you are, should not trump material reality. The woman who said that, Meghan Murphy, describes herself as a radical feminist, and she definitely is. She also sounds exactly like real conservatives have sounded forever on this one point; but that woman is definitely not a conservative, as she will attest.


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