Rush Limbaugh heart attack: CBC’s leftist “tolerant” set wish him dead; CBC approves comments


CBC’s sometimes extremist liberal-left “progressive” fans read the article about Rush Limbaugh’s heart attack and immediately began slobbering with their death wishes and naked exhibitions of vile hate, which they just HAD to express publicly for y’all.

They do this at one of the only places that would allow such a thing: the God-awful CBC, which as I’ve documented time and again, is one of the most hateful, divisive, extremist, far-left web sites in North America. The examples below are just the ones who apparently couldn’t wait to express their vile extremist left-wing hatred and mouth-watering savage joy at the news that Rush Limbaugh had a heart attack.  Imagine what some of them kept inside!

And yes the CBC does moderate the comments, and yes they did approve of these that I pasted below, which I got not from one of those awful hate-sites that the left are always sending up to their various “human rights” divisions, but directly from that national taxpayer-paid, state-owned CBC web site which supposedly represents Canada to ourselves and the world.  There’s many more like them. and through the day, many more will be added by the CBC compassionates and tolerants.  CBC will keep approving them.  I think they like them.

Wisdom wrote: Posted 2009/12/31at 8:06 AM ET

“Rush appreciates your prayers and well wishes…”

There will be none of the kind he asks for coming from me.

This one is another public school graduate who uses an apostrophe after Limbaugh to indicate the plural form of his name, while wishing him — hey, it’s us, actually! —all dead:

Raekwon91 wrote:Posted 2009/12/31 at 8:44 AM ET

Serves this loser right. We would all be better off if the world had less Russ Limbaugh’s.

Here’s some extra Christmas-y “compassion” that the liberal-left is always pretending they own:

appraiser wrote:Posted 2009/12/31 at 8:58 AM ET

He will be fine once they dislodge that twinkie stuffed with Vicodin from his superior vena cava.

This one simply HOPES for the death panels that they so ridiculed, in the case of Rush Limbaugh —and possibly select others.  Sort of like Adolph Hitler and the Nazis, no? Yes!  Exactly the same.  …But our taxpayer-paid state-owned CBC approved it so it must be OK!

Fisherswife wrote:Posted 2009/12/31 at 9:34 AM ET

I wonder if the surgical implant is controled by an external force and that he, literally, is hearing voices in his head? I suppose he will expect the new national medical plan to cover the costs of this current hospitalization. I think they should unplug him.

This is another one that sounds an awful lot like Adolph Hitler and the Nazis… but the tolerant moderators at the CBC approved it!  Hitler lives!  He’s at the CBC!

PeterPumpkinhead wrote:Posted 2009/12/31 at 10:01 AM ET

The world would be a better place if Mr. Limbaugh faded into the night.

This one is just filled with rage and hate.  And you know it is, because like all liberals, they project their own abject hate onto those they hate the most.

True North wrote:Posted 2009/12/31 at 10:29 AM ET

Limbaugh is just reaping what he is sowing. He is an evil hate monger. The reich wingers like go-pher-it thrive on his brand of hate and then have the gall to accuse the left of being intolerant. Nice try, redneck, but it won’t wash.

Actually, you got it backward, Bucky.  It does wash, because you are a hate-filled, fascist, intolerant, left-wing ass!

This one doesn’t wish death on Rush Limbaugh per se —merely egregious physical harm and disability. I guess this is what the leftists and liberals mean by “compassion”.

lowandtotheleft wrote:Posted 2009/12/31 at 11:01 AM ET

Ah Right Wingers, keep protecting your hate spewing idiot. I don’t wish death on him but I do wish that his illness causes him to permanently loose his voice.

Late addition:

“The Green Hornet” says on the CBC web site on the news that Limbaugh had a heart attack, that Rush Limbaugh is:
(a) “a terrorist worse than Osama bin Laden”
(b) a “fascist”
(c) “one scary individual who reminds me a great deal of Hitler”
(d) a “tub of lard”
(e) “He represents the weak minded and the fearfull.”  (That’s us!  Dumb and scared!  Nice!)
(f) he is “subhuman”
(g) and he calls us all “The Christian Taliban sheep who follow this shepherd of deceit.”  (So you see, my friends, we’re all savage terrorists now… because we like Rush Limbaugh.  But don’t worry, this is not bigotry, nor is it a radical extremist nutbar talkin’!)

But God bless him, he also adds:
(h) “For the record. I am a conservative. I believe in capatilisim, free market economies and democracy.”
Oh yes.  I’m so sure.  Yes I’m so sure he’s a conservative.  And he’s ever so into all the “capatilisim”.  And possibly even capitalism.

The Green Hornet wrote:Posted 2009/12/31 at 2:31 PM ET

If this narcissistic, racist homophobe is considered to be “America’s most influential conservative voice”, then we have alot more to worry about than wingnuts like Sarah Palin.

He has done more to destroy America than Osama Bib Laden could ever do. He is a home grown terrorist with a licence to broadcast and is probably one of the reasons Obama decided NOT to repeal the Patriot Act. …

[It goes on and on like this… and CBC approved it —Joel]

This is something you simply don’t see — at least not on this scale — from the conservative right.  And not on a state-owned, taxpayer-paid, supposedly mainstream web site.  Possibly on some underground hate site—I don’t know.  But not on a web site which pretends to be mainstream and normal.

It’s   weird   hilarious because we see all the left-wing and even far, extreme left-wing media —we all get access to all of it.  Like the CBC!  But like Fox News Channel and most everything that is tolerant of conservatives, I’ll bet a thousand dollars none of these intolerant leftist asses have ever actually been even remotely exposed to it.  They’ve never listened to an entire Rush Limbaugh radio show.  No radio station in Canada caries it, and it isn’t easily available online.  So how do they know to obediently hate him so?

Hello CBC!

At least they’re not in as much of a hurry as Wikipedia to see the opposition dead.  Wikipedia rushed to pronounce him dead within a short time after news broke, and adjusted his Wikipedia entry, before someone pointed out that in fact, he’s not dead.  Nice try, Wikipedia, but actually, I still don’t think this is what Barack Obama really meant by “hope”, or even “change”.

And as a huge fan of Rush Limbaugh and a long-time subscriber to his superb web site, which comes complete with the ability to both listen to and watch his radio show live and in post-show recordings for a measly $6 per month, I wish him the very best health care that money can buy, and a full recovery.

USA Today rushed to include a link to ProudToBeCanadian’s article about the egregious slobs at CBC.  (I always point this out because it’s only USA Today and New York Times and Boston Globe and others like them that present links to PTBC articles —it’s never any Canadian media).

And of course this is a fantastic way to end the year —exposing the dreadful, state-owned CBC, with its rabidly leftist fans, to thousands of Americans —as the far-left, hate-filled site that it actually appears proud to be.

But is it any wonder why one of our “ProudToBeCanadian” web site’s mottos is “It’s a question”?

I checked and their “GOOD NEWS” section for the story of Rush Limbaugh’s health problems, but fortunately they decided it might be a little obvious or blithe or mirthful, this time around.

Joel Johannesen
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