Robbers use ye olde fashioned musket to rob an inn— despite liberals’ long-gun registry!

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The Article

What?  With the Whigs’ (sorry —the liberals’) fantastic official altruistic gun registry government safety and protection program and industrial-strength nanny-state complex firmly established and in place, as voted in just recently in Ye Olde House of Parliamente by all ye olde progressives including their fightin’ socialist regiment?  And this, despite that trusty olde gun registry being checked, as we’re constantly being told by all the left-wing politicos, bobby union bosses, and big government nobs, at least (and yet exactly) 8,527 times — per day! — by all manner of traffic cops and assorted constabulary and sundry law enforcement do-rights including both mounted and unmounted, right across the country including, I am told, in “Haida Gwaii” and “The Great Bear Rain Forest”? 

Here’s a still shot from the video released by, and I’m not kidding,
“The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary”:


I demand to know, from liberals, how this could possibly happen.  Apparently a couple of criminals tried to rob a motel using what is possibly an courier du boisunregistered old musket, which might fit the category of “pre-man-made global warming long gun”, dating from, it appears, the late 1400s, when gun crime was really bad!  Surely that musket was to have been duly registered at ye olde beaver trade outpost, or Hudson Bay trading hut, or with a liberal-left courier du bois, or something.  And yet this. 

In other news, progressives from both the Liberal and the you’ve got to be kidding party are set to dispatch an envoy from their know-it-all bureau (here’s hoping it’s Scott “Fancy Pants” Brison and Libby Davies!) to Afghanistan to establish an Official IED (“road-side bomb”) Registry, so as to cancel all further injury and death to our military until the war ends, which, we guess, will coincide with our military’s exquisitely-timed departure in late 2011, as demanded by all progressives who are war experts, when rather miraculously, all al-Qaeda and Taliban and nutbar jihadists and folk from the terrorist set will promptly lay down both their registered and unregistered firearms, and possibly unionize, thus ensuring peace and fair working conditions for all jihadists. 

My only hope is that they don’t leave those Tim Horton’s shoppes there which were set up for our military, such that the jihadists start consuming trans fats just willy-nilly without progressive government oversight committees in place. 

(And don’t worry, everything else the liberals advocate is equally as completely rational.)

Joel Johannesen
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Joel Johannesen
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Latest posts by Joel Johannesen (see all)

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