Riots in France: Rank denial by a liberal international media

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How long will the international liberal-left media and indeed Europeans maintain this charade?

In what could only be termed a civil war-in-the-making in sophisticated, liberal, “multicultural mosaic” France, they would have us believe that it’s “young people”, or “youth”, or “disaffected young people”  or “disadvantaged youth” who are, for example, swarming a woman on crutches hobbling off a bus outside of Paris and dousing her with fuel, then setting her alight, then moving on to their burning of scores of cars, busses, warehouses, and buildings of every description. 

The mainstream media call the culprits “French”, and yet “French” is the last thing they’d call themselves. 

How long before they identify them as unassimilated Muslims or as Islamist immigrants?  I imagine it will happen at about the same time they admit that this has nothing to do with President Bush and his evil swashbuckling ways.

Associated Press is turning rank liberal denial into an art form:

The violence, originally concentrated in neighbourhoods northeast of Paris with large immigrant populations, has spread across France during the past 10 nights, extending west to the rolling fields of Normandy and south to resort cities on the Mediterranean.

The unrest is forcing France to confront long-simmering anger in its suburbs, where many Africans and their French-born children live on society’s margins, struggling with unemployment, poor housing, racial discrimination, crime and a lack of opportunity.

Evreux, about 100 kilometres to the west, appeared hardest hit by marauding youths. The number of vehicles burned likely would top 50, Hamon said.

Never mentioned the word “Muslim” once. 

Reuters is nearly as beyond hope:

Urban violence scaled new heights in France as gangs of youths torched cars, shops and firms in the 10th straight night of violence in poor suburbs of Paris and provincial towns, despite heavy police reinforcements.

Rioting started 10 days ago with the deaths of two youths apparently fleeing police. The deaths ignited pent up frustration among ethnic minorities over racism, unemployment, police treatment and their marginal place in French society.

And then in paragraph nine, they allow this:

Authorities say the rolling nightly riots are being organized via the Internet and mobile phones, and have pointed the finger at drug traffickers and Islamist militants.

…before falling back into denial…

Authorities have so far found no way beyond appeals and more police to address a problem with complex social, economic and racial causes.

Canada’s CTV.CA sets up their rank liberal denial at word one:

Disgruntled youths rioted in France for a 10th straight night…

…and then carry on as if they’re literally wearing blinders:

The violence was originally concentrated in neighbourhoods with large immigrant populations. However, the violence has spread out across the country to include Normandy in the west and southern cities on the Mediterranean such as Nice and Cannes … France is facing long-simmering anger in its suburbs, where many Africans, Arabs and their French-born children live on society’s margins.

Canada’s state-run CBC is of course even worse: 

An extra 2,300 police officers patrolled alongside their colleagues in the capital and surrounding communities, which have borne the brunt of the violence since it began on Oct. 27 in poor northeastern suburbs with large immigrant populations.

…at which point they then presume to explain to Canadians that as usual, it all really has to do with some sort of government underfunding of France’s socialist programs, and the danger of emulating the American “melting pot” rather than maintaining the liberal-left’s “multicultural mosaic”:

Many people view the violence as the expression of pent-up anger by the country’s unemployed and underemployed youth, particularly in Muslim immigrant communities, and as a sign of the difficulty North Africans have experienced in trying to integrate into French society.

And without ever once explaining to Canadians that it’s a Muslim problem, they allow this eye-witness account:

Loubna Hamidi, a Muslim woman, condemned the people behind the violence as she and other marchers crunched through shattered glass, past the carcasses of burned-out cars, and in front of businesses and buildings hit by Molotov cocktails.

“I’m very angry and I’m ashamed because they are Arabic like me but they are not my brothers,” she told CBC News. “When they do this, they are not my brothers.”


The upcoming Nov. 14, 2005 issue of Newsweek has a dramatic admission:

… Soon, dozens of angry young men came from the soulless high-rises looking for cops to fight and cars to burn on streets named, as it happens, after heroes of French culture: boulevard Emile Zola, allee Albert Camus, rue Picasso. Dead white men. “It’s Baghdad here,” the rioters shouted. Night after night last week, rage spread through the ghettos that ring Paris, then beyond to every corner of France. When a tear-gas canister exploded near a mosque in Clichy-sous-Bois on the fourth violent evening, a new cry went up. “Now this is war,” said one of the vandals. Others cried “jihad.”

…before drawing their anti-Americanism into the fray and informing us with bracketed insight:

More than 200 people were arrested and there were many injuries, some serious, even if by last weekend no one had been killed. (The Los Angeles riots of 1992, by contrast, took the lives of more than 50 people.)

Rather arrogant to finalize the death toll in the middle of a battle.  This is not a sudden surge of Islamist activity—it’s not the beginning nor the end.

Then more insight:

The greatest challenge in the days to come is to keep the violent fringe from winning even wider sympathy. There are more than 12 million people of Muslim origin in Western Europe, roughly half of them in France. Many have adapted easily and well to European life. But constant tensions and deep resentments do remain, especially among those left behind in blighted communities that others managed to escape. In a report issued just days before the violence broke out, the French government counted 751 neighborhoods deemed “sensitive urban zones.” Most of the people there have roots in Africa and Islam.

While deftly sidestepping the truth they acknowledge it by alluding to it—as if they’re afraid to come to terms with it and hope that you do on your own. 

The a ray of hope from an unsurprising source, the Washington Times, which strays right of mainstream liberalism:

A 10-day rampage by angry immigrant youths spread last night and early today from the suburbs of Paris to the heart of the capitaland from Normandy in the west to Mediterranean cities of the south.

Muslim leaders made fruitless appeals for calm and police teams began chasing rioters, mostly Arab and African youths, as they sped from one attack to another in cars and on motorbikes …

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