Quick video: Dismal Trudeau (pre-Covid) economic record revealed in study comparing the last five prime ministers

Pretty shocking comparison across several prongs of Canada’s economy, showing Justin Trudeau and the Liberals fairing extremely poorly compared to the averages since 1986. And this excludes the COVID year 2020-21. Watch the video outlining the study:

Read a brief summary of the report yourself (a two-minute read — the full report is some 34 pages). You’ll have to read it yourself because I can assure you, there will be not even the slightest mention of this study made, much less discussed, in any way, shape, or form, at the Liberals’ state-owned CBC division, at their liberalvision CTV division, nor, likely, the Globe and Mail or any other media division either. It would surely affect how people vote, see.

“…Simply put, of the five pre-recession periods covering the governments of Mulroney, Chrétien, Martin, Harper, and Trudeau, it is the latter that records the weakest in terms of income growth, labour market performance, and business investment,” the summary concludes.

That’s how we were set up GOING INTO the Covid crisis. I can’t even imagine how this chart will look in a year or two. Or even in ten years. Of course it depends to a large degree on how we vote.

The study was authored by the Fraser Institute’s Jason Clemens, Milagros Palacios, and Niels Veldhuis.


Financial Post has just published (online at least) info on this new study via an op/ed written by the study’s authors:

Trudeau has presided over worst business investment growth of past five prime ministers

In fact, there has been an average annual decline of 0.2% in the four years leading up to the 2020 recession

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