PTBC reader email: That Bishop was my Bishop

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The Article


From: “Paul W
Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 12:17 PM
To: “”
Subject: My Bishop was arrested for kiddie porn


It makes me sad that Bishop Lahey was arrested for having kiddie porn on his computer when passing through Canada Customs from the USA.  If he did something reprehensible, I hope he is properly and proportionately dealt with.

HOWEVER, I know that won’t be the case.  Bishop Lahey recently was instrumental in resolving a settlement for a sex abuse suit.  In addition he has been an outspoken opponent of same sex marriage.  He is being excoriated in the press.

Why I am writing you Joel is because Roman Polanski, who was found guilty of child rape is being heralded as a “great director” and hero in the very same paper and in the news in general.

Sad times.  The bishop was wrong.  So too was Polanski.

Paul W

Hi Paul,

Is there anyone left who doesn’t recognize the breathtaking dishonesty and hypocrisy of liberals and their media, yet?  We’re reminded in new and exciting ways every day and sometimes several times in a day.

They pounce like rabid wolves on any conservative or better yet, any Christian (whom they often conflate with “conservative”, though in the Catholic Church, they could well be very liberal and even farther-left) caught in an alleged crime, and then on the same day find a way to defend and instantly forgive and seek to bestow “honor”  on liberals convicted of the same or worse crimes, and who is spending his life living large and spreading his sense of values and culture around the globe.  For example the impeached President Bill Clinton is still revered by liberals.  Or they utterly ignore stories of liberals caught with their pants down, who would be president, such as, say, John Edwards.  Or Edward Kennedy, who killed a girl and then walked away.  I give similar examples of this nearly every day.

These are the same people who honor abortion mill operators like Henry Morgentaler, and today, George Tiller the abortion mill operator who had a particular appetite for late-term abortions.  But who then joyously (or is it rabidly?) tear to shreds good people who have live good lives, who have achieved success, who are full of honor and good deeds and nothing but good intentions, and who strive to serve, like, say, Sarah Palin, and her entire family, including her children, simply because they hate that she’s pro-life, and conservative, and Christian, and who had the gall to chose not to abort her Down’s Syndrome child, and whose daughter chose not to abort her child. 

Being liberal must be very hard.



From: “Paul W
Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 5:49 PM
To: “”
Subject: Re: My Bishop was arrested for kiddie porn

Thanks Joel, good reply.

You know what?  I actually think that liberals are in favor of, and celebrate pedophilia.  Look at Woody Allen.  I think that they hate the church and will betray their own beliefs of sex with children to take a piece out of the Catholic Church.  I just wish the priests wouldn’t make it so easy for the leftists.

Take care.



From: Norm M
Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 8:19 PM
Subject: Liberal Positions

Reminds me of a comment by PJ O’Rourke regarding positions on capital punishment and abortion;

A pragmatic person can be logically in favor of both

A religious person can logically oppose both

A judgemental person can logially be in favour of hanging the guilty and protecting the innocent

It must take years of psycho therapy to arrive at the liberal position ie kill the innocent and protect the guilty!

Norm Matthew


From: David N
Sent: Friday, October 02, 2009 6:20 AM
Subject: Letterman revealed

Hi Joel

Not sure if you caught this but it appears Letterman may just in fact be a sexual predator himself.  Possibly using his influence, perhaps, to garner sexual favors from female staff members.  He probably was also sleeping around on his current wife and long time girlfriend with reckless abandon.  And yet, it’s funny when this happens.  Guess there won’t be any top 10 lists on what he did but I guess … he also uses his position to garner sexual favors.  Quite an honorable gentleman that Letterman is isn’t he.  I guess now he may gain the same type of support and admiration that the rapist and sodomite Roman Polanski has received from the Hollywood trailer-trash crew.  (Sorry that’s an insult to those hard working people who have to live in trailers but I can’t think of anything right now). 

What a boob that Letterman is.

PS:  My two year old Labrador has destroyed all our Roses, Tulips and Geraniums and after watching Sammy I’m wondering if she has something against the Dutch or something.  I shall have to do some further investigation myself.


David N

Further references to this latest Hollywood liberal, David Letterman, who makes millions joking about how awful he pretends it to be when others are caught having sex out of wedlock, being caught with his pants down and his morals and ethics even lower than his pants; and the guy who infamously made a fake, joe-ridden on-air “apology” after one of his attempts of the character assassination of Sarah Palin and telling sex jokes about her 14-year-old child:

• TV “You know what’s creepy? Telling a story about having sex with your employees to people who LAUGH and APPLAUD”
• ABC News story:  Letterman’s Confesses to Sex With Staffers

Joel Johannesen
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