Prime Minister Harper gets the PTBC Quote Of The Week Award

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This week’s largely uncoveted (but it should be) ProudToBeCanadian Quote Of The Week Award is an easy choice.  The good Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper said this in the House yesterday, after some incessant blathering by liberals about their pathological concern for the human rights of, yes, murderous cowardly Islamist terrorists

PTBC Quote of the Week Award  “I can understand the passion that the leader of the Opposition and members of his party feel for the Taliban prisoners,” Harper said. “I just wish occasionally they would show the same passion for Canadian soldiers.”

In an article at the liberals’ state-run media division’s multi-gazillion-dollar people’s web site, the CBC’s (which, if you look at the article’s URL you’ll see they called it “Harper-Attack”  to wit: “”), in a blatant effort to obsequiously run to the defence of their Liberal Frenchman, Stephane Dion, they informed us that Dion was (apparently rightly!) angered by what I, on the other hand, would suggest is this brash and timely exposure by Prime Minister Stephen Harper of some more of the truth about liberals.  The state-employed “reporters” “reported” to us:

“Dion, speaking to reporters outside the House of Commons, said Harper is trivializing the situation of the detainees.”

Well that’s just plain funny.  Dion and his tribe of liberals on the wrong side of the house (the left) who trivializes the war on terror all day long, and most everything that is actually important to Canada like marriage, law and order, personal responsibility, families, and the great Canadian pioneering spirit, verifies exactly what Prime Minister Harper just said inside the House, as if repeating it often enough makes it sound more right.  Like a 12-year-old. 

The liberals’ CBC further tried to back up their liberals by informing us that the Taliban prisoners suffered greatly at the hands of what I’m pretty sure they’d have you believe, as liberals all do, the evil Canadians. 

“According to prisoner-transfer logs, the prisoners suffered lacerations and contusions.”

Oh for the love of God.  LacerationsContusions.  They “suffered” scratches.  In a freaking war.  A war we’re fighting against medieval Islamist savages who would blow up their own children at the blink of an eye if it meant scoring a cheap political point in the obedient western liberal media.

Let me remind readers as I often do, that the state-run and state-owned media should of course be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our Constitution once and for all.


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