Postmedia adds insult to bad journalism

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The Article

Apparently it’s OK to make mean-spirited fat jokes or Rob Ford’s a druggy jokes in the mainstream news media now. I guess their membership to the liberal-left’s Political Correctness cult is lapsing.  Wait  —  you’re still sour on the gay jokes though? And Rob-Ford-fat-jokesAsian jokes? And we still can’t criticize Barack Obama without being shouted down as a “racist” and Hillary Clinton without being labeled “anti-women?” Oh I see. Weird. You might want to get some principles, then  —  at least you over there at Postmedia and

Just yesterday I nailed (Postmedia) for publishing a crass, stupid, and abjectly family-unfriendly opinion piece in favor of men displaying what the News Editor called their naked “dongs” and “sun-kissed junk” in gay pride parades  —  as “news” on their various internet pages.

Today it’s Twitter.

They just can’t get past the words “drunk” and “stoner” without conflating that with Rob Ford? Or throwing an innocent kid under the bus?

You tell me if that isn’t another insulting bit of word-craft for a news report by a supposedly serious news organization, about what they’d have you believe is a deadly serious matter of the health of young people.

Olivia Chow
[ INSERT ASIAN JOKE HERE ] — am I right, Postmedia?
By the way, neither the word “drunk” nor “stoners” appear anywhere in the article. Nor the name Rob Ford. They just made that garbage up in their tweet to sound cool and take another cheap-ass swipe at Ford, and to get cheap hits to their web site.

And must the mainstream liberal media incessantly, stridently draw Rob Ford into every fat or drug or booze-related story, no matter how distant the relationship or logic, overtly drawing your attention to their contempt for him? In their news reporting? Someone get them a Walter Cronkite Award.

I keep saying the liberal media has dropped all pretense of objectivity, or of acting as professional journalists, but this is even worse  —  this is flouting their sloppiness.

It’s not just their membership to the liberal-left’s Political Correctness cult that is lapsing. It’s their membership to the school of good news journalism.

But I’m sure their coverage of other stories and politicians, including even the politicians they hold in complete contempt, will be absolutely fair, balanced, objective, and trustworthy moving forward.

And that was a fair joke.

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