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The Canadian liberals and leftists generally want Canada, the U.S., allied troops to lose in Afghanistan. Like their hero Barack Hussein Obama, they’ve hinged their political capital on being against the war both in Iraq and even in Afghanistan; and our winning there means the liberal-left losing credibility, and votes, and suggests they were dead wrong, as in fact they were regardless.  They have a vested political interest in losing those wars.  They want American and Canada and the coalition partners to lose.  Damn the consequences—or indeed, savor them.

Many of them think Canada should never have been part of helping secure America and Canada and the West against a repeat of 9/11, because they liked what happened to America on 9/11.  So when good news comes out of Iraq, they completely ignore it if possible.  We’re winning in Iraq.  Dead silence.  When good news comes out of Afghanistan, they immediately counter it with something bad.  You can’t post a blog entry or write a newspaper article that speaks of the good in Afghanistan, without a hit-squad of bad-news goons—all leftists and far-leftists and outright communists—smashing your good news with cheap, easy-to-come-by fragments of bad news and negative stories and fairy tales and Bush-bashing 60-era rhetoric that smacks of hate for America and the capitalist, free West.  Trust me.  I know better than most that this is true. 

Convincing you that everything is going badly in Afghanistan is one of their chief goals.  Just listen to them.  Jack Layton and his socialist tribe want our nation, Canada, to surrender immediately to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.  In Afghanistan.  (Not Iraq… Afghanistan!)  Right now.  They and other liberal-leftists can’t say enough about the bad.  We’re losing.  It’s bad.  Getting worse.  Pull out now, therefore. Do not fight.  You will lose.  We are losers.  Canada is a loser nation.  Let’s leave, losers. 

Eventually, they figure, you’ll join them in demanding our complete, embarrassing, sacrificial surrender to the Taliban terrorists and their al-Qaeda terror partners.  They either have no fear about what would happen next, or don’t care, or actually hope for the worst—more 9/11s, until America and the West are decimated economically, or better yet, in every way.  Certainly Christianity and our foundational Judea-Christian values and our free, and free-market capitalist way of life …will forever change or maybe even be wiped out, and that’s a good start.

They think you’re utterly stupid.  And they think you, like them, are quitters.  Pansies. Appeasers.  And so they drone on and on.  Hoping that you’ll acquiesce to their demands for surrender out of pure fatigue.  That you are people who run from tough choices and challenges —as if Canada wasn’t in fact built by tough people making tough choices and fighting in bloody wars, all for the bounty we have today. 

They don’t know real Canadians, because they aren’t.

So I’m glad that every three months or so, there’s a small article hidden in the paper about the fantastic work we’re doing in Afghanistan.  There isn’t enough ink to publish all the good news stories, and there certainly isn’t the will.  And if printed, they will be shunned and blasted and slammed by the left, every time. 

Published today in the Edmonton Journal and the National Post, this was a counterbalance to the horrible news out of Afghanistan today. 

Locals in Afghanistan’s most violent region praise Canadians’ work

Graham Thomson, 
Canwest News Service  
Published: Friday, July 18, 2008

BAZAR-I-PANJWAII, Afghanistan—Canadians concerned about the mission to Afghanistan should meet Haji Baran Khaksar, the government leader of one of the most violent places in Afghanistan: the Panjwaii district west of Kandahar City.

Hardly a day goes by without the crack of gunfire or the muffled boom of a roadside bomb either here or in the neighbouring district of Zhari.

Yet, Mr. Khaksar says life is getting better for Afghans—and he gives a lot of the credit to Canadian soldiers stationed here.

“I’m very happy with the Canadians, they are doing very well in Afghanistan especially the provincial reconstruction team,” said Khaksar, 52 who became district leader last year. “They ask people about their problems. They really want to know what the people need.”


The insurgency that plagues the country is counterbalanced in many ways by the good that Canadians and other NATO-led forces are doing, said Mr. Khaksar.

He is especially impressed by a road-building project that is providing desperately needed jobs for hundreds of local Afghans as labourers.

In a country noted for its backward views towards women, Khaksar is a veritable champion of women’s rights through his support for a girls’ school due to open in the fall and for helping organize the first female “shura,” or gathering of leaders, a few weeks ago. Only five women turned up to discuss basic issues such as finding jobs for their husbands and scraping together enough food to feed their children, but the very existence of the shura is proof life is changing for the better, says Mr. Khaksar.

After expressing his condolences to families for the loss of Canadian soldiers, Mr. Khaksar said he would welcome even more troops from Canada, a country he dreams of visiting, one day.

Read the rest.  Savor the success. 


Joel Johannesen
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