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Canadians today aren’t nearly as high on pot as they were when they voted for Justin Trudeau and his Liberals. Many are still high — for example the state-owned CBC still exists — just not as high.

Trudeau is currently polling way, way lower than Donald Trump ever did, reaching approval levels almost as low as the news media and government generally. He’s now down at a shocking 28% approval, 67% disapproval, in the latest average in May 2019. Trump is relative rock star compared to Trudeau, at 49% and 50% respectively, which is roughly the same as where Obama — whom all news media declared to be a rock star while licking his face — was at this time in his presidency. (Hey compare the media treatment of Trump and Obama, and think about the similarity in polling despite it. If the media would stop licking face and start just reporting objectively, conservatives would always win, it seems to me. And so they lick.)

On the pot front, hey haven’t you noticed that the kids are smoking pot way less now that it’s legal, and there’s no more gang violence, and violence more generally is way down like Trudeau said would happen? No? What? They’re smoking more now? Gangs everywhere? The hipsters are going to work high? What the hell? But the gubment said… Well yeah no. Nevamind.

Overall, support for Trudeau’s grand and highly important Canada gettin’ high legalization plan has crashed down the side of a steep cliff, with only 49% still in favour of it, plummeting down from 68% in 2017. The funnest part of the article in which I found these stats is where the reporter, possibly high on pot, writes that the support is down “slightly.” Yeah “slightly,” from 68% to 49%.

Overall, support for legalization has dropped slightly, with 49 per cent of respondents still in favour of it, down from 68 per cent in 2017.

That’s not “slight,” that’s a freaking monumental and astonishing shift in sentiment. In addition, and this is big, the majority once again is not in favor of Trudeau’s grand gettin’ Canada high scheme. Being not at all high on pot, I am also highly suspect of the study itself, and think the pot studiers probably went to big-city downtown spots known to be Liberal and NDP-voting hotspots, populated by the drug-usin’ cools, to get what I suggest might possibly be skewed results.

Finally, another hit — this one for the for the extreme left and enviro-nuts, as their utterly idiotic nonsense in promoting, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez-style, a “green new deal,” is properly laughed at by respondents. This could possibly be due to the existence of one of its proponents, the NDP’s Svend Robinson, yes that guy, who is, in fact, laughable.

This two-to-one result, even though these polls on extreme-left agenda-driving subjects like this (actually, most things) are typically wrecked by left-wingers on left-wing websites which promote the hell out of them and tilt the voting in their favor. And as always, I wonder whether those voting “Yes” actually understand (a) what, exactly, they’d have to give up — and if they have already given them up, and if not, why not, etc.; and (b) what it would cost them in cold, hard, cash, were such an idiotic thing ever foisted upon Canadians.

I suspect that much like the polling done to gauge acceptance of “socialism,” many of the millenials, hipsters, Gen-Z, the tattooed and pierced, and other idiots indicating support for it (that’s who they poll!) think socialism simply means taking maximum advantage of social media, or as Gallup actually found out, “Talking to people, being social, social media, getting along with people. (6%)”

Yes, many Canadians are high.

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