Polls are crap and here’s one or two reasons why

It seem those ever-so honest pollsters and news organizations — even Fox News Channel — have liberal bias problems. Fox’s may just be hidden deeper.

When a Fox News poll came out last week suggesting that most Americans were in favor of Trump’s impeachment, my eyes rolled. Not the media’s eyes, though. They all immediately quoted it, for once, even though it came from the “evil” “lying” “fake news” “right wing” “hideous” Fox News Channel. Suddenly to them Fox News Channel is fricking golden; the bastion of honesty and balance — which says a ton about them, so no poll is needed to describe their abject bias.

Now here’s the problem:

The Problems With Fox News’ Bogus Impeachment Poll

…Turns out, Fox News made the same seeming mistake the vast majority of pollsters regularly make – they included significantly more Democrats than Republicans in their sample.

“It’s not hard to get 51 percent in favor of impeachment when nearly half of those polled were Democrats,” a Trump campaign official told the Daily Caller in a Thursday statement. “The media should put this poll where it belongs – in the garbage.”

But instead of putting it in the garbage, they retweeted it a thousand times, because of all the Fox News honesty and stuff. And here’s a line for the ages:

It’s almost as if this poll and others like it are meant to create, not measure, public opinion.

Golly. Does that happen?

And finally, this, which is among the worst offences of pollsters, and thus the news organizations that report them as some (other) sort of “settled science:”

Finally, the question itself is troubling, at least in my opinion.

Imagine going to the Liberal Party HQ and asking those in the room, “Do you agree with Andrew Scheer on abortion?” I’m taking it to a logical extreme, but that’s how polls are conducted. And Liberal Party (or NDP) HQ is where journalists seem to have their desks.

Read the article to get a clearer understanding of how most of these liberal-favorable polls work, if you didn’t already know.

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