Perhaps “Canadian Culture” (TM - The Gov’t) needs another $800 billion of “investment”

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The Article

I often use Fridays to post the Canadian TV ratings charts which in the years I’ve been posting them, inevitably prove that Canadians prefer to watch American shows exactly like Americans do.  Liberals are against that (—by which I mean they’re against both my posting of the chart and the fact that Canadians so like Americans). 

Scarcely two or possibly three Canadian-made shows crack the top-30 shows we choose to watch (among those we’re actually allowed to watch, that is, after the restrictions which limit American content.  For example Fox News Channel was only recently unbannedHBO is still banned in Canada.  Don’t even get me started on radio talk-show and music content).  But today I’ll show you a simple poll (with a tip of the cowboy hat made from beaver felt to Marc who sent it to me). 


It’s a “culture” brougt to you by… the state.  Not by you—but by your government. 

After decades of liberal-left-ideologically-driven taxpayer “investment” (again, the correct term is “investment” —wink!) into the absurd decades-long drive for a liberal-left government-created “Canadian culture” (a “culture” created by government decree by way of sundry appointed liberal bureaucrats and “artists” —many working at the state-regulator of what we’re allowed to watch on TV and listen to on the radio called the CRTC —who pull facts and figures and philosophies out of their backsides and then create laws and regulations and “Canadian content” rules out of them not dissimilar from Iran or China or North Korea; and by forcing the private sector to “willingly” finance state-mandated Canadian content for the use of state-run media; and more), we can see yet another example of the excellent result. 

It’s an “investment” only a liberal could love.  Why? 

Well let’s think like a liberal, or any bureaucrat at the state-run media or regulator (these two things are manifestly the same).  Ready?  OK. 

As a result of this

easily predictable “un-Canadian” self-fullfilling prophecy poor showing, the taxpayer funding must be increased and forced “Canadian content” rules objectives bolstered in order to boost all the love for the “Canadian culture” that we’re trying to create and mandate offer to you as your benevolent government to love of your own free will;  vote liberal.


There ya go.  Now you’re thinking like a liberal.

P.S.:  Do as I do—count all the official government benevolent gov't sponsorship sponsorship logos at the end of the Junos or every single solitary show that is Canadian in any way, shape or form.  You’ll find them near the various provincial government sponsorship logos and of course the “Telefilm Canada” and “Canada Council” and “Canadian Television Fund” and other government logos.

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