The Islamofascist savages of the medieval Taliban regime in Afghanistan have faxed/emailed/cameled their latest talking points to the liberals in Canada and their media.  Get ‘em before they get all muddled up with Nancy Pelosi-speak!

Taliban threatens renewed war against Canadian troops

A Taliban spokesman Monday pledged to wage a renewed jihad against Canadian troops throughout the winter, saying Canadian forces have broken their promise to redevelop Afghanistan by killing innocent civilians.

“We will pursue our fighting in winter,” Qari Mohammad Yousuf Ahmadi said in a telephone interview Monday, shooting down suggestions of a lull in fighting over the winter, when insurgents traditionally hunker down in mountain hideaways. “We will change our tactics according to the situation.”

He said if Canadian troops want to avoid casualties “the best way is to stop their operations.”

Lt.-Gen. David Richards, commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, has accused the Taliban of deliberately enmeshing themselves in civilian populations to exacerbate casualties. He calls the tactic a “cynical” attempt to diminish coalition support.

But one tribal elder in a hard-hit southern village said his people had little choice but to acquiesce to Taliban demands.

“NATO is telling us not to give shelter to Taliban,” said Zarif Khan, a tribal elder in Sperwan Ghar. “This is not our duty. The government and NATO have to stop Taliban. We don’t have weapons to stop armed people. If they ask us for shelter we don’t have any options.”

It is widely believed Taliban insurgents prey on the tribal honour code, known as Pashtunwali, which dictates Pashtun people must open their homes to guests.

Ahmadi did not comment on his group’s alleged manipulation of civilian population.

“The Canadians are pursuing U.S. policies,” he said. “The Taliban will pursue Jihad against all NATO forces, against Canadians, British and other NATO members who occupy our country. We will continue to perform suicide attacks, IEDs (improvised explosive devices or booby traps) and ambushes.

“The Canadians are lying,” Ahmadi added. “They’re saying they come for peace and reconstruction then why are they bombing innocent civilians?”


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