UPDATED: O’Toole: Maybe climate change spending announcements are best done by news release than fleets of jets and cars?

Originally published July 8, 2021, 12:20 PM

Apparently, the Conservatives’ Erin O’Toole was jealous of the attention Global News is giving to their Justin Trudeau and to their alternate, Jagmeet Singh. Who could blame him?

Here’s Global TV “news” media’s ubiquitous, massive-as-usual, smiling, most-perfect-one-they-could-find glam photo of Justin Trudeau (sitting like a woman as usual. Which they also admire).

Here's Global's photo of Justin Trudeau, sitting like a woman as usual.

While the Liberals’ poseur-in-chief Justin Trudeau and the you’ve got to be kidding party’s Rolex-wearing and BMW-driving Jagmeet Singh (he’s a DEMOCRATIC socialist, you guys!)  tour around the west and the west coast in their jet-planes and cars making scary climate warnings and proclamations (are they traveling together? Because that would help the climate change thing IIUC), and performing their ever-so earnest social justice virtue signals and making their copious big and bigger government spending announcements and pooping out more of their create-more-yummy-government-reliance announcements, apparently, the “Conservative” (scare quotes) Party’s Erin O’Toole felt left out.

Now I’d love to think the young 20-something Ontarians running his neo-woke “Conservative” campaign put their noggins together and thought this one out cleverly, but no, based on my study of recent Conservative leader history, I have to give this one to the happenstance or scheduling conflict spirits. They sent out a “me too” spending press release on funding climate-focused mass transit out west, coincidentally exactly where Team Trudeau/Singh/News Media are talkin’ climate today —ironically and (alas) serendipitously making Conservative leader O’Toole the super-secret energy-efficient climate-change warrior of the day. Super-secret, because not one single news media outlet has reported on this, not even one, nope, not one iota.

I guess Team O’Toole thought it would get just as much attention from the ever-so Conservative-luvin’ Canadian news media if he emailed them a news release on Conservative letterhead instead of flying out there to do it, as per Team Trudeau/Singh/News Media. Which is hilarious. Climate-obsessed reporters want nothing more than to fly around to climate change announcements made by their politicians who flew wherever to make them.

It was crafty if planned this way! Neither of the others thought of “making sense,” or of “not being a hypocritical lying ass” and “an idiot”, and making a climate-oriented announcement by email instead of by traveling needlessly for countless thousands of miles on jet-aircraft for climate announcements! So I’ll give them that if cunning was what they were going for, but as I said, I have my doubts. (I would have made mention of my exquisite cunning in my news release, just to make the point, for example.)

Alas, what would really excite me, in any case, is none of this. Rather, it would be announcement after announcement from the Conservative leader (or any of them, but yeah, come on, be real) about cutting spending. CUTTING. I’ll cut this, and I’ll cut that, and I’ll reduce the size of government and I will eliminate departments and I will lay thousands off from the all-left-wing and woke-obsessed administrative state… these are things that I would vote for. That’s cunning. That’s smart.

UPDATE – July 9, 2021:
Well that worked out well. Today:

And it cannot go unnoticed that even if you’re the president of the Liberal Party, this kind of pro-Liberal/ignore Conservatives journalism is literally killing democracy in Canada, and at the very least, is the kind of journalism malpractice that should not be funded by taxpayers as it is now, thanks to, you guessed it, that smiling glam-shot Justin Trudeau, featured in the gigantic pose, above, in their “news” story.

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