Jimmy Carter oozes brain poo; and opposition (or is it “racism”?!) to Obamacare reaches new stink

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The Article

Jimmy Carter with partner Hugo ChavezAccording to the latest Rasmussen poll, the opposition—sorry racism—to Obamacare has reached a new high this week, with a clear and growing majority of Americans now solidly opposed to it (now at 56% opposed).

Jimmy Carter says it’s because President Obama’s opponents are racists, and they talk with poo coming out of their mouths.

“Huh?,” you’re asking.  “Joel writes weird and he’s hard to understand sometimes, but that’s just like super weird.”

Well let me explain.  When Jimmy Carter oozed brain poo this week and colored those who oppose President Obama as racists, he said this, and I quote:

“And the outbursts that we see, the scatological language, the sign that I saw on television last night, “We should bury Obama with Kennedy,” for instance, and “Obama is a Nazi,” and Obama’s picture with Hitler’s moustache on it—those kinds of things are not just casual outcomes of a sincere debate over whether we should have a national program in health care. It’s deeper than that.”

Oooh.  Carter’s so deep.  In his own doo-doo, that is.

For one thing, nobody held out a sign saying that Obama should be buried with Kennedy.  And I think he knows it.  He said he saw the sign with his “own eyes”.  A professionally made sign, he said, which lots of people were carrying.

Here’s what he saw:


Of course the sign is still crappy, and tasteless to be sure, and those signs should probably be buried with somebody.  But the equally pernicious liberal-left news media “reporters” and anchors then shared in the misinformation—oh let’s just cut the crap and call it what it is:  outright BS.  As the excellent NewsRealBlog.com blog pointed out:

There’s one small problem with the sign Carter “saw on television last night” with his own eyes: it’s an urban legend. As I noted on this blog Tuesday, the sign, misquoted by numerous left-wing commentators, actually says: “Bury ObamaCare with Kennedy.” On Monday night, Olbermann’s colleague, Ed Schultz, had the audacity to “read” the message as “Bury Obama with Kennedy” while showing a full-screen shot of the actual sign.

Apparently the Democratic talking points have gone out, because in addition to Schultz and Carter…

James Carville misquoted the sign on Monday’s edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. Calling the protesters “very low class” (way to stand with the downtrodden, Jim), he claimed 9/12 protesters marched with a sign that said, “Bury Barack Obama with Kennedy.” He further alleged, “a senior CNN executive…told me two hours ago there were thousands of them; other people have confirmed that. They were printed; they were passed out.”

His co-panelist, sometime Republican David Gergen, promptly condemned the non-existent sign.

One terse, finely tuned phrase suggests itself as the only appropriate response to Carter, Carville, MSNBC, et.al.: “You Lie!”

But, speaking of total bullcrap, you can’t just pull a Maureen Dowd, the star left-wing columnist with the liberals’ New York Times division, who wrote last week that she doesn’t care what that Republican Congressman Joe Wilson said (he said “You lie!” when President Obama lied in that joint session of Congress last week).  What she decided that he said was “You lie, boy!”, because she so wanted to make out like he was making a racial slur even though he wasn’t.  She wrote:  ‘But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!”

Kind of like what Jimmy Carter and his media sycophants saw was something he and they really wanted to see in order to elevate brain poo to the stature of truth, which, stinky though it may be, it is impossible.  The science is settled on that one; the debate: over.  FLUSH.  (Carter might have to flush twice or three times owing to the “low-flo” enviro-toilet and the copious amounts of poo involved).

And regarding that sign he said saw which had a Hitler moustache painted on a photo of Obama:  This helpful information comes from what another one of my favorite blogs, the excellent pooper-scooper called Sweetness and Light, reporting that the photo is “from the always dependable Associated Press”.

AP caption:
“A demonstrators holds up a portrait of President Barack Obama on Capitol Hill in Washington, Saturday, Sept. 12,2009, during a taxpayer rally.”

Of course it’s sad that most media in North America and around the world ran with the same photo, no doubt knowing full well they were complicit in engaging in perfidy.  As a result, that’s what YOU saw, and because the fact is, as Sweetness and Light points out:

There were hundreds of thousands of ‘demonstrators’ in Washington yesterday. And the Associated Press just happened to feature a photograph of this sign.

Note, too, how they just happened to get a photo with a hand blocking (radical leftwing Democrat) Lyndon LaRouche’s name.

Yes Lyndon LaRouche is a far-left, some say Marxist extremist, who ran in seven Democratic Party presidential nominations.  He’s a Democrat.  That’s not to say Carter would excuse him from being a racist (oh of course he would), it’s just that Carter and all the media were unmistakably trying to head-fake you into thinking that it’s right-wing folks—Republicans and conservativesopponents of Obama —who were racists, extremists, vile people and who were playing the “Hitler” or “Nazi” card in addition to being racists.

But back to poo, and specifically Jimmy Carter oozing brain poo:  What caught my attention this morning was Carter’s assertion that Obama’s opponents are using what he calls “the scatological language…”.

Scatology means the study of fecal excrement.  And that means poo!  “Scatological language” therefore means spewing poo out of the mouth in speech.  It also means an obsession with excrement or excretory functions.  A third definition is obscene language or literature, especially that dealing pruriently or humorously with excrement and excretory functions.

I’ve always said “oozing brain poo” instead of “using scatological language”.  So it’s funny because while Carter, knee-deep in complete bullcrap, oozes brain poo, and in so doing, uses a term, the real meaning of which I’m sure he has absolutely no clue.  He’s full of the scatology.  And he expects — hopes — thinks —you are a coprophiliac.

A Tackle Box Full of Race Bait

We’re “racist?”  You’re offensive; a hate-filled loser, a liar who gave up even trying to be smart



From: B. Yale
Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 9:43 PM
To: ProudToBeCanadian.ca
Subject: Flashback Video: Carter referred to Obama as ‘this black boy’ – Water Cooler – Washington Times


Re your article about Jimmy Carter….

How many people remember this comment he made during the election campaign.


B. Yale,

Of course Carter can call Obama “this black boy”, manifestly because Carter’s a liberal.  Once again that’s liberal.  They are accorded a different set of rules.  And because he’s not opposed to that “black boy” politically.  He supports “this black boy” politically.  He also supports being a big hypocritical jerk, but that’s just a coinkidink.

Your loyal servant,
Joel (white boy)

*** My emailer B. Yale also sent pictures of these posters from the Bush era, during which Carter and Michael Moore campaigned against that boy.***


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