OOPS some fakery leaked out! Trudeau literally tweets out his fake plastic soul

Don’t worry, after using them, the plastic forks and knives at this pizza party in Justin Trudeau’s office won’t be shoved into whales mouths, you know, like you all do after using them. And the pizza is “organic,” so…

See, the rules are different for the Liberals. The rulemakers. They’re elite. They know better than you, about everything. You’re deplorable. Stupid. So, unlike you dumbasses who use a plastic fork and then stick it in a whale’s mouth, these plastic forks will be re-used, time and again. For the rest of you they will be banned in the first place, so you don’t have to worry about sticking them in the dishwasher if the whales don’t eat them first.

Whoever took the photo will be fired, I suspect, since he or she is supposed to not take actual photos of the plastic they use. They’re supposed to make you “experience differently” the reality of this bunch of lying, elitist, asses.

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