On saving innocent lives of man and beast

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From: Dale ___
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 9:51 PM
To: ProudToBeCanadian.ca
Subject: Don’t kill the Coyoteeeeees

Hi Joel,

Your blog is a must read for me every day, your writing style is awesome, keep up the excellent information. You always put it in such a way that any lefty watching must just shake their heads, because you make it impossible for them to answer your comments with any degree of intellect. Good for you.

I’m just mentioning that that young lady (the one killed by coyotes in Cape Breton Park) mom has spoken out. She has said her daughter would want the killer coyotes to be safe and not be killed. I am at a loss for words, but thought you would have a good way to put into words something like the value of a killer coyotes life over human life, particularly the unborn, which in the leftists/enviro-weenie world is a matter of course. Kill the man eating coyotes. Liberals are against that…Kill an unborn child, or let an innocent coyote kill a human, and they suddenly think either of the latter choices is natural.

I simply found this bizarre, and it is on CTV and canoe news website. On canoe it is right above the russian lez marriage “good news” item.

Thank you for bringing some realism to Canadian political insights


Hey Dale, thanks for the compliments!

I read those stories and was as taken aback as you. But I easily give a pass to any grieving mom after losing her daughter.  It’s a sensitive time and I just won’t comment on it specifically right now, except to say God bless that family, and may that innocent girl rest in peace.  I know you understand and agree.

As a general matter, and since you brought up abortion, years ago when we had a big discussion forum at PTBC, I wrote this “topic starter” about how it’s actually illegal (and the punishment severe) to even conspire to mess with eagles’ eggs, because an as-yet-unborn eagle’s life is seen by the politically-correct as so precious (I can’t wholly disagree —it is precious!).  But at the same time, liberals press all day long to make federally-funded human abortions even more user-friendly and common than they already are, and messing with that abortion law (actually it’s a total lack of any abortion law here —a lawless situation they demand we maintain), is seen by the swells as even worse than messing with eagles’ eggs, and can literally end your political career, or worse. 

I’m only surprised liberals haven’t pressed for national laws prohibiting the very discussion of creating limits to abortion, as leftist/fascist students do at Canadian universities every day, these days.  As it is, there are “unwritten laws” created by liberals prohibiting and severely punishing such talk — not just at universities but anywhere — but thank God they’re only unwritten laws for now.  Vote liberal: Change that.

It’s logic and principles that are so twisted it’s even hard to type it out in a way that makes any sense to sensible people — people who generally understand the value of innocent human life, and the difference between man and beasts.

It’s hard to be liberal.

Here’s a sentence that makes sense:  abortion is the most disgusting, most egregious thing ever thought of by humans.  See?  Being conservative is easy.


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