Obama: Doublespeak and Hypocrisy

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The Article

Sort of following up where I left off on the weekend:  David Limbaugh adds (through his Townhall column) his take on the hypocrisy of President Obama’s University of Notre Dame speech.  It’s a good short read.  Here’s a chunk of it:

…He calls forced union membership “free choice.” He masquerades as a fiscal disciplinarian while authoring nationally bankrupting budgets in perpetuity.

He endorses capitalism as a superior economic system while undermining it with other words and actions. He condemns it as “unfair” and decries achievers as “selfish” and “greedy.” He’s set on restructuring our economy away from the free market and toward government control, from taking over private businesses to setting executive salaries to subsidizing mortgages to nationalizing health care. But he knows better than to condemn capitalism outright, because if he did, the American people finally would wise up to his endgame.

He tells us his decision to continue using military tribunals to adjudicate terrorists is not a flip-flop because he has put new protections in place. This will fool the uninitiated, but experts, such as Andy McCarthy, have shown these changes are merely cosmetic, designed to provide Obama political cover to conceal his flagrant reversal. And they talked about President George W. Bush’s unwillingness to admit his mistakes!

In his speech at the University of Notre Dame, Obama said he doesn’t believe people should demonize those holding opposing views and that each group can “make its case to the public with passion and conviction … without reducing those with differing views to caricature.” But is that the spirit he and his colleagues exhibited at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner? Is that the spirit he demonstrated on the White House Web site when he “caricatured” all pro-lifers as “right-wing ideologues who want to take away a woman’s right to choose”?

Yes, he said he changed that language on the Web site, but he also said he had not changed his position. That is where his heart is; that is what he believes. He certainly changes his outward language when necessary to be less incendiary and appear less extreme, but there is no evidence he’s changed his convictions regarding the people who disagree with him on this issue—some 51 percent, by the way, according to the most recent poll. …

This column by Cal Thomas, also critiquing Obama’s Notre Dame speech, adds more fuel to the contra-Obama-bogus-rhetoric fire. 

…At Notre Dame, the president gave an eloquent and well-crafted speech, full of Christian rhetoric … In speaking of “original sin,” the president hit upon why abortion has been so easily tolerated for so long. He spoke of “self-interest” and “crass materialism,” but he did so in the context of economics, not abortion. Possibly without meaning to, he correctly diagnosed the underlying rationale that has caused so many to willingly, sometimes casually, snuff out another life…

Both columnists (and many other conservative columnists but absolutely no liberal columnists or media) reference this new Gallup poll, in which for the first time since they started polling on abortion, they found a majority are pro-life.  Here’s Cal Thomas:

…There is heartening news for pro-lifers as evidence has emerged of a slight cultural shift. For the first time since the Gallup organization began measuring opinion on the subject, more Americans self-identify as “pro-life” (51 percent) than “pro-choice” (42 percent). … Politicians are sensing this, which is why Obama is trying to have it both ways…

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