News Roundup-ette for Friday, Dec 2, 2022. It’s a Very Revealing Edition!

Oh good!, I thought. As a huge fan of Formula 1 racing, I thought the company was finally revealing a spine. They were finally on board the Let’s Stop Kowtowing To and Appeasing The Damned Communists and Genocidal Human Rights Abusers in China With Our Capitalist Free And Sane Democratic Nation Money train, which is the multi-billion-dollar F1 organization. Then I read the explanation.

The 2023 Chinese Grand Prix will not take place… “due to the ongoing difficulties presented by the COVID-19 situation.” So don’t worry, all of that brutal communism dictatorship stuff — the human rights violations, the genocide, the autocratic rule and violent crackdowns by the state police on citizens protesting being welded into their tiny apartments “to prevent Covid” even while they burn; all the global election interference and theft of corporate and government secrets and myriad other global malfeasance —this is all still cool with the F1 folks.

Yes, they’re fine with gracing the Communists with the great global visibility and respect accorded to normal, free, democratic countries, but for that confounded so-called “Covid” thing (“so-called” because idiots the world over succumbed and acted like lemmings toward the Chinese Communist and its dictate that we collectively bend over and not call it what it would naturally be called, while they laugh at our supine idiocy).

I do not understand this, people. I’m still waiting for the idiotic soccer thing in Qatar to be over so I don’t have to be constantly reminded of how stupid people are to hold events in such places. (And yes, F1 graces Qatar and other brutal states with their presence, as well — and it’s just dumb.)

Sure it’s being “revealed.” But don’t believe your lying eyes. You do not see it.

Speaking of reveals, I watched (yes, you can actually see these ones) a couple of live streams yesterday, both coincidentally hosted by Elon Musk, who revealed two other cool new products (one having to do with seeing things even if you’re blind — but theoretically not “stealth” things, I suppose — not that I’m trying to confuse you very much at all, much).

One, by his Neuralink, in which he announced that the firm is ready to seek FDA approval for its brain implant technology, which does a number of things depending on the application (think about the name Neuro and link): it could help the spinal-cord-injured to move computer screen objects with their minds (includes actual video of a monkey doing just this) or to maybe even to walk again; helps blind people to see; and helps the deaf to hear — among other amazing things. Fascinating stuff in this nearly three-hour reveal video (which I watched every second of with my mouth agape much of the time and my mind in a trance as if I had a brain implant or something buy a Tesla now buy another and pay $8 a month to Twitter you all…).

Watch the video and see if it doesn’t do the same to you, Model 3 in white:

Neuralink Show and Tell, Fall 2022 – YouTube


The other Musk reveal was about the first delivery of the much-anticipated (and much-doubted) Tesla semi-trailer truck. (Frito-Lay and Pepsi were the first customers. It’s real, folks.) It is a thing to behold. More powerful than regular diesel trucks, and, well, watch the video — it’s a mere hour long, and yes, I also watched every second. As if in a trance…

Tesla Semi Delivery Event – YouTube

These things are what the word “awesome” was invented for. NO, kids working at pizza places, it is not “awesome” when I order a pizza from you. Not even with extra Teslas on it. I mean pepperonis.

And not to OD on Elon Musk or anything, as if in a trance or what have you, but Musk promised to reveal — get this — the behind-the-scenes details behind Twitter’s decision (the old Twitter) to censor — banish — the Hunter Biden laptop story before the last presidential election, along with the banishment of the New York Post who revealed it, and the banishment by Twitter of anybody who dared to even speak about it. (If you missed my article from Wed Nov 30, 2022 on this, I suggest you not be so stupid in the future, and read it on a more timely basis moving forward. Geez.)

As of this writing, we’re still waiting for it. Not sure how it will be revealed. A Twitter vid? We’ll see. Update: he said it’s delayed 40 minutes while facts are double-checked. I might be finished this and on my treadmill by the time that happens. We’ll see. Tesla in red. Hmm.

While waiting for the Twitter Hunter Biden doc drop, I went fishing for a graphic to accompany this post. I landed on a gal who is making out like she’s about to reveal something, in case you’re wondering what that picture has to do with this article. “Let Go!” —of what? My Eggo? Anyway, you’re here, so. UPDATE. Changed it to a Tesla… for reasons.

Here’s the girl pic I did have up there. Maybe I’ll use it another time like when I’m discussing waffles:

Still waiting for Musk. What podcast should I listen to on the treadmill today? Darkhorse? Megyn Kelly? The Fifth Column? Ambitious Crossover Attempt? Getting Hammered? Your Welcome? David Smith’s Part of the Problem? Ben Shapiro? The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg? Honestly with Bari Weiss? Quillette podcast? Avtalk? The Porsche Club of America Insider podcast? The Dispatch Podcast? Commentary?

OK I’m hitting PUBLISH. If Elon pops up on my screen shortly and I’m not on my treadmill or at a Tesla dealership, I’ll update.

UPDATE: Hey look! Right after I hit PUBLISH:

Smells musky in here.

UPDATE (still waiting for Musk):

As “reveals” go, this one is pretty lame.

UPDATE: OK the big Twitter reveal is on. Matt Taibbi got the job of ‘splainin’ it. He’s a good journalist. But this looks like they’re setting it up to be a BIG, big, long thing. So I’ll cover it separately in a post all its own. Brought to you by Tesla.

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