“News” media today: Total BS article designed simply for the smearing headline

I think it’s fair to say liberalvision CTV created this “news” article solely to enable themselves to write that headline, or scareline as it could better be described. They know how these misleading headlines affect public perceptions and the zeitgeist. And the vote.

“Alberta doctors” makes it sound like the whole bunch of them. All of them. Or at the very least, the vast majority of them. Or even maybe the guy or gal who represents the doctors’ club, or whatever. In fact, the story chats airily about two pretty random doctors. TWO damn doctors in the whole province is all they could find to say anything negative about Premier Kenny’s plans to finally reopen society, in what I’m assuming is an effort to smear the premier, Jason Kenny, and keep the country locked down and under the government’s thumb.

And why would they want to smear Kenny? Notliberal. Notsocialist. That’s why. The news media is left-wing, it is dishonest, and they are regular purveyors of misinformation, and this is not journalism, this is activism.

Not that we should trust very many experts, as we have found out — particularly with the Wuhan virus. But they haven’t even remotely tried to create a balanced story here. Could they not find one doctor in support of the opening plans? Like the doctors Jason Kenny most likely conferred with before making the pans? This is precisely the problem: they could likely find 1,000 doctors in support. And so they conveniently didn’t find them. This makes them horrible journalists. Perhaps even dangerously so. They are not on your side, and nor do they want to be. Activists want to change you, force you, bend you to their way of thinking and living. They are not interested in informing you, particularly when they don’t agree with the information.

I’m no fan of Jason Kenny or his government’s draconian jailing of church leaders and fencing off of churches as if parishioners were societal pariahs, for daring to hold or attend services against idiotic government orders to not do so for some bizarre reason having nothing to do with any science or evidence-based data point. And like all governments, he has utterly failed to contain and then mitigate the Wuhan virus and its wrecking of lives and businesses and whole economies. But this “news” article is total bullshit from start to finish.

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