New poll shows Harper/Conservative support despite Liberal lie ads

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A new Globe and Mail poll shows strengthening Conservative support, even in Quebec.  Despite the hideous and stupid Liberal lie ads of desperation.

Tories widen their lead, post-debate survey finds

The Conservatives are now 12 points in front of the Liberals in national support and Tory Leader is viewed as the winner of this week’s debates both in Quebec and across the country.

The national survey of 1,500 Canadians included a larger sample of Quebeckers than previous polls to allow a closer look at this month’s Conservative surge in the province.

It found that the Tory gains in Quebec have come roughly equally from federalists and separatists and that Conservative support is much stronger outside Montreal.

[…] The rise in support for the Conservatives in Quebec, plus the significant number of federalists looking to protest against the Liberals, has blurred the hard divisions between federalists and separatists that split the province during the 1995 referendum on sovereignty.

Among those who say they voted for separation in 1995, 75 per cent intend to vote for the Bloc, down from 92 per cent in the first half of the campaign. Fifteen per cent of Yes voters side with the Tories, up from just 1 per cent in December.

The Tories have stolen a similar proportion of the federalist vote from the Liberals.

Nationally, the Liberals have dropped one percentage point in the nightly tracking survey to 27 per cent. The Conservatives remain at 39 per cent, the NDP sits unchanged at 16 per cent, the Bloc is at 12 per cent and the Green Party is up one point to 5 per cent.

[…] Mr. Harper was picked as the winner of Monday’s debate by 35 per cent, while 14 per cent said Mr. Martin won and 8 per cent said NDP Leader Jack Layton. Ninety-two per cent said they didn’t hear anything that would change their mind.

[…] In spite of new negative television ads from the Liberals, which among other things accuse Mr. Harper of being too cozy with right-wing Americans, 56 per cent of those surveyed said they had a favourable impression of him, a number that climbs to 63 per cent in Quebec. 

The percentage of respondents with a favourable overall impression of Mr. Martin has dropped this month to 38 per cent, and in Quebec, only 23 per cent have a favourable impression of him.


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