NDP’s Layton, on Harper, brings out the real big ideas: class war, and less

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I suppose we should excuse him because he was talking to his, uh, “base” (I couldn’t think of the word describing the bit of real estate occupied by a ballerina standing on her tippy-toes). 

The you’ve got to be kidding party’s Jack Layton hauled this intellectual bounty from his noggin today, in his effort to show “leadership” on the economic file, in light of the crisis in the U.S.: 

The U.S. crisis is going to hurt Canada as a result of…“Harper’s Bay Street buddies”.

Well that’s just awesome. And not jejune at all. Nobody’s tired of that kind of ingenious insight.  It’s complex so read it again if you have to to secure a proper understanding of the weighty substance and nuance.

And ladies and gentlemen, that’s some “change”, am I right?  Those are some wild, wild ideas!  “Harper’s Bay Street buddies.”  I’m amazed reporters didn’t ask him to expand on or explain the concept to us more fully—or is it even possible to explain it given its deep thought, nuance,  and complexity?  Maybe that’s why reporters didn’t hit him on it.  I mean they’re not his buddies are they?  Oh you mean….

Well anyway.  I wish Layton would name names, because if this “Harper’s Bay Street buddies” caper/idea/concept is anything like “the religious right”, I have no clue where you sign up. 

Hey, moving forward, and since he’s trying to start a class war in Canada (for “unity” purposes, no doubt), what street do all those militant far-left and Marxist labor union bosses which own the socialist NDP live on? (Or “work” on in groups of 6 plus three shop stewards.) 


Jack Layton is an MP for Toronto.  And as Prime Minister, Mr. Unity and Inclusiveness will have all but officially dismissed Toronto’s own “Bay Street” and those who work on it as personae non gratae in Canada. It’s funny because it’s true. 

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