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Bush personifies all that pseudo intellectuals detest

DALLAS—President George W. Bush is reviled by the Lib-Left media and its adherents and the pseudo-intellectual set in much the same way as President Ronald Reagan was reviled by the Lib-Left media and the pseudo-intellectual set.

As we now know, Reagan was actually smarter than all of his detractors, and it may well be Bush will turn out that way, too.

The likes of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul ignored the hyenas and the catcalls of the Liberal-Left and backed Reagan to the hilt and thereby brought down one of the most enduring and loathsome dictatorships of the 20th century, the Soviet Union.

Hundreds of millions of people under the heel of the Kremlin, both within the Soviet Union and its Eastern European slave states were freed.

So one can’t really trust the Lib-Left media and its adherents or the pseudo-intellectuals to know what is real and what is not real. Or to be honest, for that matter.

Now, I’m not yet ranking Bush with the likes of either Reagan or Thatcher, but he may one day be assessed as a quietly visionary and courageous president who, like Reagan, changed the shape of the world and freed hundreds of millions of men—and particularly women—from slavery.

Two scholars, one a prominent English historian, now turned somewhat American, and one a Canadian, a political science professor at the University of Western Ontario, and a Muslim, have pondered Bush’s place in history and have not found him lacking in his role.

Salim Mansur writes for the Sun chain of newspapers and for all who mistakenly believe Muslims wear the same fanatical stripes, his careful writings are eye-openers.

He views Islam from a modern perspective, and one can guess this rational man is not alone.

Mansur believes Bush is “without any quibbling” the midwife bringing democracy into the Middle East.

The liberation of Iraq from that grotesque tyrant Saddam Hussein and spearheading that nation’s first free elections—and one in that even women were allowed to vote—is a “riveting moment” in Arab-Muslim history.

Mansur points out because of Bush’s decision for regime change in Iraq, some 50 million men, women and children have been freed from dictatorship.

The “domino effect” of that freedom in the “heart” of the Muslim world is becoming visible in the entire region.

It’s true, radical insurgents are fighting against democratic change but they are slowly losing the battle.

Once Iraq becomes a stable democracy, the lure of freedom will first start to seep into other Arab nations and then sweep into them.

Iraq may actually be the Poland of the Middle East. Recall it was in Lech Walesa’s Poland where the eventually victorious fight against Soviet domination began.

Historian Paul Johnson’s list of award-winning historical works are awe-inspiring. He is not a pseudo-intellectual, he is a true intellectual.

His latest book, George Washington: The Founding Father is another of his masterpieces.

Writing in William F. Buckley’s National Review magazine (Sept. 12), Johnson talks about the popular disease of Anti-Americanism and as to how Bush has become the personification of all the Lib-Left pseudo-intellectuals of the world detest.

That’s because Bush, is the “quintessential American.”

Johnson notes Bush is good-looking, upright, a Texan and a man of self-assurance.

He is not by nature talkative, does not articulate abstract thoughts or concern himself with fine distinctions.

“He sees the world in black-and-white terms, with clear and absolute differences between evil, right and wrong.

“He worships God. He is a Ten Commandments man. He does not meet trouble halfway.”

His personal life, says Johnson, centres around his family, an institution pseudo-intellectuals view with unease, not to say distaste. That’s one more stroke against him.

“He does not dance effortlessly on the sacramental turf of campus, or fit into the smoke-filled culture of the basement cafe, or find the book axiomatically preferable to the saddle.”

Reading both Mansur and Johnson—rather than the fanatical hate-filled pontificators in the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post, CBC and Toronto Star, one can start to realize Bush potentially may be a leader of historical significance, or at least, as Johnson puts it, “America’s natural leader.”

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