Some words are easier than others to coin.  Obamagasm came naturally.  It “evolved” out of the unnatural forced agenda that the liberal media is sexually molesting the citizens with.

As we saw being reported yesterday in all the liberal media without even a hint of shame, the liberal media continues today to enjoy their journalistic orgasms over the massively ill-equipped liberal Democrat Barack Hussein Obama joining the race to be the Democratic Party candidate for President.  We haven’t see this sort of media orgy since that Kyoto wiener was being shoved down our throats—or since Hillary expressed an interest in running—or since liberals were found to be running against conservatives in the last election.

To this day, the average reader can conjure up the name of not one single Republican interested in running for President.  This phenomenon is what the liberal media calls “a job well done”, and then it’s off to the cafeteria for Hot Pockets.  It’s similar to the branding, as the liberal media has done, of new Liberal Party Frenchman Stephane Dion as “the Green Guru”, or like “Stephen Harper is scary”, or “the Conservatives have a hidden agenda”.

Today the normally more sober and balanced National Post joined the orgy in spades.  They put this picture on their front page (one which media savvy folks know is the kind of picture the candidate or his PR agent would pay huge bucks to get on front pages, because being posed (ever so thoughtfully!) in front of the White House, it forces one to imagine him (thoughtfully!) occupying that White House (and he looks so dreamy!) and getting the audience used to the idea):

Personally, if I were a newspaper editor interested in informing readers rather than pushing an agenda, I would have found a picture of him with other rookie politicians who are likewise barely out of their school gym shorts and still learning the ropes.


You’d think that was enough, already, with the over-the-top coverage of a non-Canadian event.  No no.  Over on page A-2, which is normally reserved for important news, virtually the entire page is devoted to more of the liberal media Obamagasm.


Remember what we’re constantly told by liberals:  race doesn’t matter.  Gender doesn’t matter.  Except when they say it does.

Joel Johannesen
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