In what seems to me to be their ongoing effort to debase nearly everything actually conservative, the increasingly pro-progressive National Post NatPo calls conservatives 'extreme'(a newspaper which proudly announced a working relationship with the state-owned CBC in both advertising and the sharing of articles) once NatPo debases conservatives againagain devoted huge ink to blare the left-wing talking points (featuring the classic “extreme”!), which the left conjures-up to ruin the character, reputation, and/or the electability of conservatives.  They do this in lieu of actual arguments against them.  The National Post has done it to Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin ad nauseam, and most every other actual conservative.  And now Christine O’Donnell.  They’re obsessed.

Every time, and in every way, they prove to be on the wrong side of — well I was going to say “the ledger”, given the fact that they seem to be just barely staying in business, kinda of like tea party and Sarah Palin-backed primary victor Christine O’Donnell, but it’s really the wrong side of nearly everything. 

Today they join all the rest of the liberal lamestream media, and aside from the front page picture and negative captions, have literally listed, in point form, over a totally appropriate “MTV” banner, all of the left-wing’s idiot talking points on their latest NatPo debases conservativesfocus of hate, Christine O’Donnell, pretty much word-for-word.  Among the items on the black list: she’s pro-guns, and pro-life and was backed by the tea party and Sarah Palin! 

Of course they don’t bother to list any of O’Donnell’s voluminous good points or her own current-day talking points, mostly just picking the juicy ones they perceive as negatives, from the 90s and earlier.

And they don’t bother to mention that O’Donnell’s Democratic opponent in the Senate race is a man named Chris Coons, who describes HIMSELF as a Marxist.  A Marxist.  But to the progressives like the National Post, it’s regular pro-lifer and capitalist Christine O’Donnell who’s the “extremist”.

They purposely largely ignore most of her own responses to the mostly idiotic and purposely-taken-out-of-context and pure politics-driven charges against her.  I say purposely because they’d have to be a totally useless news organization to not know of her credible rebuttals to the stupid charges.  For example, they claim the IRS was after her for unpaid taxes, but leave out the small point which indicates that the IRS admitted it made a mistake, and later apologized to her. 

She’s had money problems, to be sure.  Good.  We need politicians who have had money problems and their houses foreclosed upon.  They know what it’s like for the rest of us non-establishment non-elites.  If I were Christine O’Donnell, I’d wear those problems like a badge of honor.  She can relate to us.  She’s one of us.  Seems more than a few voters agree, as she’s raised nearly a MILLION DOLLARS since her victory this week and the liberal media press started attacking her.

NatPo seeks to expose conservatives as baddiesThen the National Post — possibly to be p.c. and avoid charges of “sexism” — chose to bash the winner in New York, Carl Paladino, likewise listing, in point form, all of his bad points (as perceived by the left —such as: he wants to lower taxes and reduce government spending.  See, those are a “bad point” to liberals and other progressives.)

I suggest you read “Christine O

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