Trump seems bent on losing even those who would bend over backwards, intellectually, to defend him against the most scurrilous media and left-wing attacks. I count myself among those defenders, and this site is replete with such intellectual defenses: articles not as much in support of Trump (although that, too, sometimes), but rather in defense of fairness, and designed to righteously shame those who shirk their public responsibility to be truthful, objective, and to do their job in reporting and commenting on the news in good faith.

But Trump is losing most of his supporters everywhere I look, including me looking at myself.

Here’s how the conservative and Trump-tolerant National Review writes it up moments ago, and they’re not alone:

Trump’s conduct since the election has been pretty abysmal, pretty indefensible, but this past week, the worst I’ve seen or heard from a U.S. president. It does help wreck the efforts I’ve made to defend him against those unfair attacks from the media and others. Today’s remarks from Trump before the mob stormed the Capital were simply beyond the pale. Speech the likes of which you’d expect from an idiot third-world left-wing tin-pot dictator wannabe.

Frustratingly, for me and other conservatives and Republican Party supporters, this is exactly what I fully expected to happen from the Left and their throngs of agitators and activists and their media supporters and encouragers —had Donald Trump won the election. We saw glimmers of it after he won the first time (recall Madonna, goading the throngs of pussy-hat-wearing lefty-wing protesters, imagining (out loud) the Trump White House being “blown-up”). Hell, Democrats and the media have tried to overturn that Trump election ever since election day 2016 in what could only be called a soft coup based on lies and a new form of utterly disgraceful dishonesty amongst all concerned.

But that today’s catastrophe is coming from, well, let’s call them “Trump supporters” because Trump lost and that’s at least how it started, and describes at least most of those who gathered there to peacefully protest —is surprising, and really depressing.

Let’s be clear: those who actually violently stormed the Capital are nutbar extremists, Unpatriotic. Un-American. Probably anarchists, probably without even a basic understanding of politics, much less the complex workings of American elections. Hardly your average college Republican, Christian conservative, or even your average Trump supporter. At worst, they are dangerous and violent domestic terrorists, and at least, dangerous and violent agitators seeking thrills and excitement —all without regard for human life, democracy, nor even common sense and decency; and I don’t doubt that most of them don’t know anything about Trump nor care exactly what they were even there for, other than to stir-up trouble and have fun in their amazingly moronic way. I said the same thing about the idiot rioters, robbers, arsonists, killers, assaulters, and looters during the seemingly unending (but fully supported by Justin Trudeau, the Democrats, and their news media!) left-wing and very violent BLM and ANTIFA rioters, last spring and summer.

In any case, a woman is dead, today, and others, including still more of the good people in law enforcement, have been injured needlessly. Injured defending America’s Capital —from Americans, yet. This should never happen. Not in America (or Trudeau’s Canada for that matter). Democracy and the United States of America has also been injured today, to say nothing of being embarrassed globally. It will take some doing from all Americans and others, perhaps like me, to regain what has been lost. So good job, idiots. And nice legacy, Trump (and you’re ever-so welcome for all my defensive support of the past four years (not)).

I pray for peace and that good old American common sense to prevail, and I have every faith that it will.

Joel Johannesen
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