Must Read – Vivian Krause’s Work Shining a Clear Light on Liberal-Left’s Slimy Ways


Must-read. I’ve been a fan of Vivian Krause forever. I’ve found my references to her here going back years. She needs to be given a huge platform. She’s doing the work ten big media outlets should have been doing and would have been, had they been fair and without a liberal-left agenda. Nearly all of the mainstream media is every bit a part of the “collusion” referred to in this article.

From the National Post’s Financial Post (which has covered Krause’s work for years as well) this morning:

Gwyn Morgan: Talk about ‘collusion’: How foreign-backed anti-oil activists infiltrated Canada’s government

… Piece by meticulously researched piece, Vivian Krause has spent almost 10 years exposing this story…

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