On a CBC.ca news story regarding the GOP presidential nomination race heading for southern states in early March, I quote, verbatim, a CBC reader’s comment:

“…The only thing that the right wing, gun toting, segregationist loving, religious zealot, evangelical crackpots in the deep South want, is to vote for somebody, anybody, including that female political rocket scientist, Sarah PALIN, who will promise them that they will defeat President Obama and get that annoying uppity non-American born Muslim Black man out of the Oval office as soon as possible! …”

Sell the CBCWell at least he’s not a “zealot” or a “crackpot.”

I wonder where this guy’s politics lay. Hmm. I doubt he’s a conservative. And probably not a Christian. Hey he  just might be: liberal or leftist or progressive or Marxist or racist or an ass.  Or a combo thereof. He certainly is, to use his own words, a “[male] political rocket scientist.”

The problem, or one of them, is that this comment was not an isolated example that I worked hard to dig-up and pounce on to make an example of, as I’m often accused of doing by those charming socialists and CBC suck-ups. No, your eyes pretty much trip over this crap.  It’s replete with similar examples.  Yes, a huge percentage of the CBC’s fans are almost identical in every way.

The problem, among others, is that this seems to be the culture that the CBC has whipped-up, over the years. It has attracted left-wing intolerant and anti-American and anti-Christian and anti-conservative haters like this from across the land. Which is sort of the opposite of what I thought the CBC was supposed to be about.

Here’s what another said: “The battle of the lunatics. A catholic and a mormon.”  Now that’s some of that famous liberal left religious tolerance and love of freedom, right there.

Another: “…land of religious nuts.”

Another: “… stark raving lunatics we can safely assume that they are all nuts….”

This is on Canada’s state-owned, state-funded national web site. This represents Canada to the world.  And teachers use that web site as a teaching aid in classrooms.  The CBC encourages that. It’s fantastic.

Their abject bias and hate aside, as I have done for the past two hundred years, I will repeat my sage mantra: What kind of government competes against its own citizens in business for profits, especially in the forum of ideas, in entertainment, and more particularly, in news and politics? State-owned media should be banned by the people of this country, and that notion enshrined in the constitution.

Or vote for liberals and progressives. And get more of this.*

* I remind readers that the Conservative Party fully backs the state-owned media  —  the CBC  —  and has stated so many times. The minister in charge at the moment, Heritage Minister James Moore, is particular fond of the state-owned media, and is a staunch defender of it. For example, he once blew me off on Twitter when I nudged him specifically about another of his tweets regarding his impending appearances on the CBC, once again from the CBC studios.  This time he was going there specifically so he could comment on the Oscars, or some other such matter of eminent importance. He came back on Twitter with a dismissive tweet about it not taking much time at all, and ending with a delightful “yawn.” Which I think is diplomatic talk for “screw you, you boring idiot.”


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