Military was ready, eager to go: Liberals scratched their heads in wonderment

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The Article

In its front page story today, sources close to the liberal newspaper Globe and Mail say that “olitical haggling held up plan to get disaster team rolling”.

You don’t say.

Canada’s liberal Prime Minister, Paul (“we lead the world”) Martin would be hard-pressed to explain this statement:  “But government officials decided that in the absence of a direct request from the stricken countries or the United Nations, they would hold off on sending the team.” 

That’s “leading the world”?  Waiting for the U.N. to act, and to instruct Canada as to what to do and when?  Like the U.N. did in Rwanda where 800,000 humans were killed in a genocide while the U.N. did next to nothing?  Or currently in Sudan where so far, over 70,000 people have been killed in a genocide?  And the U.N. that allowed Afghanistan to be taken over by Taliban Islamist terrorists?  Or in Iraq where hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis died at the hands of the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein over decades?

That U.N.? 

We’re positively awash in liberal “leadership” here in Canada. 

Canada’s military put the wheels in motion to deploy its emergency-response team to Asia within 24 hours of the tsunami disaster, but cooled its heels for two days as bureaucrats and politicians debated the idea, The Globe and Mail has learned.

Sources said Defence Department and military officials could have had an advance reconnaissance unit ready to depart for the ravaged area late on Dec. 27, but the government did not announce plans to send the unit until Dec. 29, amid debate over cost-effectiveness and uncertainty about the extent of the damage in the region.

The military had also laid the ground work for an eventual rollout of the full Disaster Assistance Response Team by securing the use of a much-needed Antonov 124 transport plane on Dec. 27, a reservation it lost as politicians and bureaucrats debated deployment.

“You should have pulled the trigger on , in particular given that it’s halfway around the world,” a military source said. “You advance them to someplace that’s close, so they’re within three hours of the area, and when you’ve got some clarity, you move them from their three-hour post to the theatre.”

It finishes with this line:

“Sources said the military has already begun looking at ways in which to streamline the decision-making process for future deployments.”

I have a possible answer to suggest:  Never, ever, vote for any liberal-left politician ever again.

Joel Johannesen
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Joel Johannesen
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