Today, Mike Adams writes about his experience from his latest public speaking event.  A speech by a conservative (him).  Therefore, naturally, it includes references to liberals going ballistic at yelling at him, indicating that he should, under no unceratin terms, go away.  Which he won’t. 

Sounds like an arugment with a liberal!

It’s posted in our Columnist section now, and it’s pretty darn amusing.  Here’s a snippet:

Mike Adams

Well, I suppose it had to happen. With all the pie-throwing at conservative speakers these days, I guess I was overdue for an episode of intensely cerebral and well-thought-out liberal protest during one of my campus speeches. That’s what you would expect from people with complicated and “nuanced” positions on all the important issues of the day. It finally happened last week at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois.

Unlike Kristol, Buchanan, Horowitz, and Coulter, I had no objects hurled in my direction. Maybe the liberals know I have a concealed weapons permit and a .357 magnum, which I may or may not be carrying at any given moment. I guess you could say I have two bodyguards whose names are Smith and Wesson. And maybe that’s why Professor Farhat Haq decided to shout me down from the back of the auditorium instead of hurling a key lime from the front row.

Fortunately for me, Professor Farhat Haq (sounds like Far-left Crock) was sitting near a digital tape recorder when she launched into her tirade. I had the tape transcribed by a seasoned professional

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