Headline at a Boston newspaper, online edition, today, possibly related to my Kerryearlier blog-a-palooza on Michael Ignatieff’s “junk” being touched and how much he, well “doesn’t mind it at all”:
“John Kerry: Dig my balls”
It’s actually John Kerry:  Deck my halls (with an h), darn the luck.  They missed a goody. 

See, the uber wealthy snooty snoot liberal Democrat nob, John Kerry, who shares another similarity with Ignatieff that he has also the other oneyearned to be a world leader but is or has failed, is throwing a huge party — a ball, see — to honor…. himself.  He’s rented out the entire symphony hall in Boston for the self-gratification ball, and is charging “guests” $75 to $4,800 each to attend to his ball.  In the middle of a recession.  And he’s personally worth $239 MILLION according to estimates.  Proving that while he may lack PR acumen, he certainly has some giant balls.  Somewhere.  Which only another liberal like the campaign funds-deficient Liberal leader and Party would no doubt like to get his/their hands on. 

I suggest asking him on a date first though.

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