The self-anointed Mr. Respect, Michael Ignatieff, once again refers to Prime Minister as “this guy”

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The Article

imageIRONY:  He was talking about — no he was whining about — Prime Minister Harper’s “respect for institutions” in light of Prime Minister Harper’s new appointments to the Senate, claiming that Harper is showing “disrespect” for the institution called the Senate.

Stay “respectful”, Ignatieff.

”… These attacks on the senate showed a flagrant disrespect for an institution! … instead of respecting the second chamber … this guy said we’ve gotta have these crime bills! …. It shows disrespect for our institutions!  …. and I think it says a lot aboat his respect for our institutions! …”

—That dude Ignityeff

Also see:  Liberal leader Ignatieff derisively refers to Prime Minister Harper as “this guy” (Jan 8, 2010)

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