Michael Coren: “Church is not the enemy”

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The Article

I’m very pleased that Michael Coren has once again graced our pages as a guest columnist today with an excellent piece about the “sparation of church and state”, right on the heels of a column written on the same subject by our Peter Gnanapragasam last week.  Find both in our Columnist section.

Here’s a snippet from Michael Coren’s “Church is not the enemy”:


Every few years or so, political and social liberalism presents the culture with another empty mantra, intended to dismiss opponents and ridicule their arguments.

Not long ago we had the racism fetish. Conservatives were racist and their policies based on racism.

Remove racist and insert sexist, homophobic or fascist. Or just punch a Tory in the face and say that he offended you.

The reaction to political correctness made all that seem rather stale. So the left moved on. To the grand rallying cry of the need to “separate church and state.” We hear it all the time, repeatedly used to support radical views and silence opposition.

Thing is, the entire concept is nonsensical in contemporary Canada. […]

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